Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why, oh why?

Muutama viikko sitten tekemäni hawaiji-henkinen vintagelöytö sai aivoni pursuamaan yli ymmärryksen. 1950-luvun ihana mekko oli nyrsitty helmasta hurjan lyhyeksi miniksi. Sääli... Ostin mekon silti kun halvalla lähti, olihan siinä aivan upea kuosi. Käytän sitä paitana. Tällaisista löydöksistä ei kyllä koskaan oikein tiedä, mitä sitä ajattelisi.

Olen ottanut uuden projektin taas työn alle: nimittäin hiusten kasvatus! Aion kasvattaa pitkät hiukset, ja sitten kun kyllästyn niiden hoitamiseen, leikkautan itselleni pixien. Olen syönyt biotiinia, ja minusta tuntuu, että huomaan jo eroa hiuksissani. Ne ovat elinvoivaisemmat ja tuuheammat. Hiukseni ovat myös kasvaneet aikamoista tahtia.

(Translation: Few weeks ago I found this great hawaiian themed vintage dress from the flea market, but it just made me see red. This 1950s frock was cut way too short from the hem. Such a pity... Still, I had to bought it because the print was so cute so I use this dress as a shirt.

I have also a new project: I started to grow my hair. When I get tired of taking care of the long locks, I will get myself a pixie haircut. I have been taking biotin, and I see the differece already. My hair is much more healthy-looking and thicker. It has also been growing very fast.)


  1. You look wonderful :)


  2. I love the look, especially those shoes! <3
    It also helps to minimize dying your hair and using a hair mask once a week. That is at least what I do and it really shows :)


  3. Sometimes there might be reason for "destroying" vintage items. Perhaps the hem was ripped and previous owner wanted to cut that off. But most of the time items are ruined without proper reasoning. I will never recover the 40's lace dress which was cropped to be a top. Or the 20's-30's straw hat which was painted pink.
    But atleast you are able to use the dress as a blouse. It looks lovely!

    (I never know weather to write in english or finnish, so it will be what ever when ever :D silly I know, but I can't help it!)

    1. Yes, many reasons, but so unfortunate :< This does look nice as a blouse though!


  4. Oooh! I feel your pain! Shortening vintage dresses... Argh! At least if it's just hemmed up you can restore the original length, but when it's cut off willy-nilly! I once bought a vintage dress online NOT realising that it had been shortened, so you can imagine my disappointment when I received it and it was mid-thigh length! I had to throw it out, it was ruined.

    I think that your dress looks great as a blouse though, so that's awesome that you could repurpose it like that! :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  5. That is a shame for sure! I'm petite in height and even I won't hem vintage dresses or skirts. I'd much rather leave them as is and let a taller woman enjoy them, if that what it comes down to. You've done a fabulous job of styling this piece and breathing new life into it, dear gal. Way to go!

    ♥ Jessica


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