Friday, January 16, 2015

Autumnal Winter

Muutama päivä sitten postissa tuli uusi alushame! Tämä on täydellisen pituinen, eikä tee hameista liian paljon lampunvarjostimen näköisiä. Tilasin sen eBayn kautta hyvin edulliseen hintaan. Tuo hame on ehkä enemmän syksyyn kuin talveen sopiva, mutta en ollut pitänyt sitä kahteen vuoteen niin oli ehkä aika se jo kaapin perukoilta kaivaa esille.

(Translation: Few days ago I received my new crinoline! It is in perfect lenght and doesn't make my skirts look too much like lampshades. I ordered it via eBay in a decent price. That skirt is more suitable for autumn than winter season, but I hadn't been wearing it for over two years so I decided to search it from my closet and fix that mistake.)


  1. It has a lovely shape to it. I agree, not too "lamp shade-ish" at all. Very classic and becoming.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. adorable! this is ine of my favourite outfits of yours ... the little sweater goes perfectly with the skirt. why to wear these colours just in fall!

  3. Great outfit, very charming skirt print!

  4. That skirt is sooooo adorable, and I'm glad you got a good petticoat. A petticoat makes or breaks the outfit!! I think sometimes it's good to have different styles too!


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