Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Black and blue.

Tämän päivän asuni, mikä oli yllä loppuseminaarissa. Yritin saada siihen vähän henkimään samaa aikakautta kuin lopputyöni. Musta mekko on kylläkin 40-luvulta. Huomaa matching laukku ja kengät! Olen vaan niiin iloinen, että voi nyt edes hetkeksi rentoutua. Vielä täytyy kylläkin oparin raporttia hioa, mutta se on juttu minkä voi rauhassa kotonakin tehdä ilman stressaamista.

(Translation: My today's look, I wore this outfit in the last seminary. I tried to create 30s vibe, so it would match with my dibloma work. Black dress is however 40s. Notice matching purse and shoes! I am sooo happy that I can relax for a moment. I still have to finish my report, but it's something I can work with at home without any stressing.)



  1. You look lovely. A very classy lady, indeed!

  2. Tres chic!!! Love your vintage (I'm guessing it's vintage) cigarette holder. I don't smoke, but I've always wanted to get one to use as a photo shoot prop as you've done here.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thank you ! :) That cigarette holder is actually new, handmade from some Etsy shop :) Can't remember the shop's name at the moment, but these were in very decent price and they sell all kinds of holders and pipes.

  4. this is my favourite outfit of yours ... i love everything about it!

  5. gorgeous!! you are the embodiment of a classy lady :)

  6. Classically elegant, I just adore the matching bag and shoes. Enjoy your time to relax! P x

  7. That's most insipring!! Good to know that there are still some feminine women in Scandinavia!!! :)))


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