Sunday, March 30, 2014

1950s black secretary dress. And no alcohol for me !

Ostin Etsystä tämän upean 1950-luvun mustan "sihteerimekon". Se on minulle rinnanympärykseltä vähän iso, mutta antaa olla. Tänään ei oikein hiukset toimi millään, eikä myöskään naama.. En ehkä jaksanut niin paljoa panostaakaan, mutta onneksi puku korvaa nuokin asiat.

Tein perjantaina järkevän päätöksen. Alkoholi on maistunut viimeisen vuoden aikana liikaakin, mutta nyt se saa luvan loppua. En aio juoda tippaakaan muulloin kuin merkkipäivinä, silloin kun on oikeasti syytä juhlaan. "Raitistumiseni" ei silti estä baareissa käyntiä, sillä tykkään todella paljon tanssimisesta. Uskon, että tästä alkaa nyt parempi jakso elämässä, ja pitäydyn tällä kertaa päätöksessäni.

(Translation. I bought this beautiful 1950s "secretary dress" via Etsy. It is quite big for me from the bust, but I don't care. Today I had problems with my hair - and my face... But fortunately the dress is so pretty that you won't even notice my bad hair day ;)

I did a decision last friday and I hope it will change my life a bit. I have been drinking alcohol a lot during the year, and now I will put an end to it. I won't be drinking at all if there's no reason to celebrate (for examble birthdays, house warming parties, and may day's are acceptable reasons to drink). My decision won't stop me for going to the bars and dance, I just won't drink there. I really believe that this will make my life a lot better and more healthier.)


  1. Good choice. I find that once you get used to it, you will feel less pressure to drink when others are drinking around you and will be comfortable defending your choice when others try to attack it

  2. What a fab dress, you indeed look the sexy secretary in it with the wonderful red accessories! P x

  3. Lovely frock, and those shoes are so sexy!
    Taking a sensible look at what and how much you drink is a great plan. It's so easy to get carried away.

  4. I commend you wise plan, dear Sarah, and truly believe that your body will feel healthier and happier in the long run because of it. Due to medical reasons, I haven't been able to drink a drop of booze for nearly 12 years now and will never (baring some mega cures for certain conditions that I have being found) be able to again in my life. I don't usually miss it and am happy in a way that I don't have to pay for drinks or worry about what consuming them might be doing to my body.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. you look so lovely :)
    good job about not drinking too much! I don't drink either and I never miss it. I prefer tea and coffee anyway ;)

  6. Hello beautiful friend. How I enjoy visiting and am always thrilled by your sweet face and lovely, ladylike style! I'm glad you're going to cut back the drink- I am all for fun, but moderation in all things (except thrift shopping, ha ha). You are a gem and deserve the confidence of knowing you didn't do too much foolishness. I love how like the perfect film noir woman you look- femme fatale with looks that are drop dead gorgeous. xo.

  7. Kaunis mekko ja aivan ihanat kengät :) olen metsästänyt tuon tyyppisiä punaisia kenkiä, joissa ei olisi tappajakorkoa kun olen muutenkin pitkä. Punaiset kengät tuo niin sitä särmää asuun.


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