Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meow meow!

Valmistauduin tänä aamuna Helekatzin keikkaa varten. Päätin pukea ensimmäistä kertaa ylleni tämän leopardikuvioisen kynähameen. Se on niin pehmoinen ja mukavan tuntuinen yllä! En olisi koskaan aikaisemmin uskonut, että tätä edes ikinä tulen pitämään, mutta ei se ole liikaa leopardia minun mielestäni. Tämä hame on oikein sievä, sopii pin up -henkiseen asuun vallan mainiosti. Ja kerrankin on hyvä hiuspäivä, kelpaa lähteä kuuntelemaan rockabillya - tällä kertaa päiväsaikaan. Onneksi keikkapaikka sijaitsee kymmenen minuutin kävelymatkan päässä, niin tarkenee ohuemmissakin sukissa :)

(Translation: I am preparing myself for a rockabilly gig I am going to see in an hour. I decided to wear this leopard pencil skirt for the first time ever. It is soo soft and comfortable! I never thought I would like to wear this much leopard, but is it reaaally that much? I think this skirt is very cute, suits nicely with pin up inspired accessories and styling. And finally I have a good hairday. Luckily the gig is only few blocks away, so I can wear these amazing seamed stockings.)

Have a nice day, darlings!


  1. It's a really ideal amount, IMO. Enough to stand out, but not so much as to risk overpowering you (always an extra risk when someone is as slender as you, dear gal). I too own a leopard print skirt (though it's a repro 50s style circle skirt) and it's currently the largest leopard garment in my wardrobe. I may work my way up to a full on dress someday, but for now that skirt is plenty (I adore leopard print, don't get me wrong, but on someone of my height and build, too much can risk being overpowering).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you for your opinion Jessica! :) Circle skirt with leopard print would be heavenly, but maybe it wouldn't suit for me :) That skirt is also my largest leopard printed item

  2. Totally not too much (and that's coming from someone who doesn't wear much leopard print at all herself). This outfit is awesome - totally foxy.

  3. You look so cool.
    Leopard print skirt is still on my "must buy" list and now I think I must hesitate no longer :)

  4. Looking beautiful darling! I love leopard print too...always brightens up a grey day!
    May x

  5. Wow! Wonderful skirt, dear Lady! I'm sure you was the center of attention at the concert with your look, you look amazing!

  6. wow Sara! I just love this outfit on you! I was actually looking at getting a leopard print skirt but I'd don't know if I'd pull it off as well as you! Love your bag too!

    Emma x

  7. wow meow that is such a hot bombshell look! i love leoprint and that skirt is a dream! well also the top looks great! from head to toe perfect!


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