Monday, February 3, 2014

I feel beautiful in red.

Mikä onkaan minun keinoni saada lisää itsevarmuutta?
Sipaus huulipunaa, kiharapilvi ja punaista ylle. Tänään sattui olemaan sellainen päivä, että tarvitsee juuri nyt hyvän ja kauniin fiiliksen, vaikka kotosalla päivää olenkin vain viettänyt.. Katse vaan eteenpäin ja ryhti kuriin, perhana! Täytyy kyllä joku päivä värjätä hiukset takaisin punertavaksikin.

Leopardihattuni on aivan ihana. Se sopii varmasti villakangastakkikurssille suunnittelemaan takkiin, jonka esittelin teille jo aiemmin (mustaa villakangasta leopardikuvioisilla yksityiskohdilla). Aion ehkä tehdä itse hatun takin kaveriksi, mutta tämäkin hattu on varmasti suloinen asuste sitä varten.

(Translation: Now, what is my way to increase my self-confidence? Lipstick, pretty curly hair and wearing something red. Today was this kind of day, I wanted to feel myself good and pretty, though I have mainly stayed at home all day. Fix your posture and gaze forward! I should dye my hair more red again as soon as possible.

I love my leopard hat. It will suit very nicely with my black coat with leopard details, which I will sew in a school course of coats in April. First I planned on making myself a suitable hat for it, we'll see if I have time and enough knowledge.)


  1. Red lipstick, the perfect way to make yourself feel better and dressed up. Good choice

  2. I feel funny in red sometimes, it's such a vibrant color, but you look lovely!
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  3. Oh wow, very sexy! Red suits you, I also think it's a very good idea to make yourself feel better, I try it when I feel bad or when Im upset.

  4. Red has the same power over me as well - it makes me feel more confident, sexy, beautiful, and bold - which, no doubt, it part of the reason I sport it so often. You look flat out fantastic in this vivid shade of red, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Red is loving you back in these pics Sara! I understand the urge to dress up sometimes when you're just at home for the day, I do it too, to cheer me up when it's grey and raining and wet outside. P x

  6. Also I nominated you for a Liebster award!

  7. Wow! You look wonderfully like a lady in red! Red has powers over women! You're so sexy in these photos!

  8. You look beautiful in all colours, but red does suits you.
    happy weekend, Sara


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