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Best of 2013, Memories and Style!

Vuosi 2013 meni aikalailla sumussa. Paljoa en muista, paitsi selaamalla otettuja kuvia tapahtumista vuoden varrelta - suurin osa niistäkin illanistujaisista tai asuista. Ei tämä vuosi mikään hyvä ollut. Parempiakin on nähty.
 Voinen kyllä sanoa, että itseluottamukseni on noussut huomattavasti. Syksyn aikana tapahtui nimittäin paljon asioita, jotka tähän vaikuttivat.

2013 sisälsi mm. lukuisia ikimuistoisia keikkoja, ompelua, paljon pussikaljottelua, karaokea, uusia tuttavuuksia ja menetettyjä tapauksia.

Tässä postauksessa kuitenkin "highlightsit" kuluneesta vuodesta ja lemppariasuistani.

(Translation: I don't really remember much of the year 2013. I don't remember how I felt, I was so busy throughout the year. Some events I remember by browsing the photos and my blog. I don't think this was a good year. I've seen better.
 But I must say, I have gained confidence and I feel much better about myself. Lots of things happened during Autumn..!

2013 included many unforgettable gigs and concerts, sewing, lots of beer enjoyed outside, karaoke, new acquaintances and some I have lost.

In this post I'll show you some "highlights" and favourite outfits from 2013.)

 Alkuvuodesta jouduin tutustumaan rakkaan irkkupubini Old Dogin tilalle tulleeseen karaokebaariin, Lailaan. Se oli muuten todella vastahakoista aluksi, mutta sitä kautta innostuin karaokesta kunnolla. Lailassa on tullut vietettyä uskomattoman ihania hetkiä! Innostuin myös Bollywood-elokuvista, suomalaisesta designista ja onnistuin 1.2. tekemään ensimmäisen täydellisen Irish coffeeni! Niin, ja sain vihdoinkin hankittua ihanan rockabilly-rotsin.
Päädyin myös ensimmäistä kertaa sairaalaan ambulanssilla..

(Couple of first months I explored this new karaoke bar Laila, which replaced my darling irish pub, Old Dog. I was quite unwilling at first, but actually I got excited about karaoke and I have been singing through the year. We have spent some bloody great moments in Laila! I also got excited about Bollywood movies, Finnish design and I also made my very first perfect Irish coffee! Oh and I got a leather jacket I have always wanted..!
 I also experienced my first trip to the hospital...)

Pyhän Patrikin päivä oli muuten todella mahtava, vaikka outoa se oli olla ilman irkkupubia. Minulla alkoi huhtikuussa ensimmäinen työssäoppimisjaksoni ja se kului ystäväni alaisena ala-asteella. Oli aivan huippua, ja sitä kautta innostuin luokanopettajankoulutuksesta jälleen. Niin, ja kävin Ruotsin risteilyllä!

(St. Patrick's day was awesome, though it was bizarre to celebrate it without our Irish pub. My first on-the-job learning period started and I worked in primary school. It was sooo awesome, and I started to think about becoming a teacher. Oh, and I also travelled to Stockholm with my sisters and my dad, by cruising ship!)

Vappu! First of May!!

Rockabilly Heavyweight Tournament in Helsinki, May 25th. Including Matchbox, Robert Gordon and The Blue Cats!!

Kesälomalla sain itselleni vihdoinkin järkkärin, pussikaljottelin erittäin paljon, lauloin karaokea, tutustuin uusiin ihmisiin, kävin keikoilla ja nautin olostani. Oli huippukesä!
(SUMMER! My summer was amazing. I finally got my own system camera, drank a lot in the parks, sang karaoke, made new acquaintances, saw gigs and enjoyed myself. Summer at least was awwesome!)

Ilosaarirock -13!^

 Kesäloman loputtua minulla alkoi heti toinen työssäoppimisjakso, ja sen vietin kirpputorilla. Viihdyin siellä erinomaisesti. Siihen aikaan vietimme myös paljon aikaa maalla kesätalolla.

(After summer holidays my second on-the-job learning started, and I worked in a thrift store. It was very nice! We also spent time in the countryside a lot.)


Drive-in/rockabilly tapahtuma Nurmeksessa elokuun lopussa! Oli aivan mahtavaa, Matchboxin Gordon Scottin kanssa pääsin yhteiskuvaan :)
(Drive-in/Rockabilly event in Nurmes in the end of August! It was so great, I got a picture with Gordon Scott from Matchbox:)

Blogini täytti 4-vuotta!
(My blog turned 4 years!)

 Halloween 2013!

Marraskuun ja Joulukuun vaihteessa tehtiin myös Joonaksen kanssa päätös erosta ja nyt olen koko ajan etsimässä uutta asuntoa. Loppukuukaudet olivat siis sinänsä aika raskaita minulle.. Jospa uusi vuosi toisi kaikkea hyvää ja uutta!
(In November Joonas and I decided to break up, and now I am looking for a new apartment.. These past two months have been quite rough, but I hope that 2014 will bring me many great memories!)



  1. It's so hard to tell which one of your past outfts was my favorite one, I loved full circle dresses and black pencil skirts, and leather jackets as well, you always look so stylish!

    1. Thank you dear Vivian! :) Happy new year!

  2. New Year - new beginnings. Make 2014 yours. I wish you the best of luck and the most of happiness!

  3. Ihania asuja! Erityisesti pidin tuosta halter-toppi - kellohame yhdistelmästä. Todella klassista 50-lukua! :)

    Toivottavasti tämä vuosi tuo sinulle paljon ihania asioita!

    1. Kiitos paljon! Toivottelen ihanaa vuotta 2014 sinullekin! :)

  4. I can agree that 2013 wasn't the best year, but it looks like you had some great moment! The picture where you're sitting on a chair in a 20s outfit, oh I love that picture of you! Looking forward to see more beautiful pictures of you and your adventures 2014! Hugs!

    1. Tusen tack, kär Carrå! Lots of hugs and happy moments in 2014! :)

  5. So many pretty outfits ♥ Happy new year and good luck for 2014!

    1. thank you very much and happy new year! :)

  6. happy new year ... may your wishes come true ... :)

  7. What a fun look back at some of the highlights and key fashion moments of 2013 for you. I've had years like that, too, where you're so engrossed in the demands of life that when you look back, few things stand out and the whole year seemed to have vanished, nearly forgotten, before your very eyes. I hope you're able to get time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, more this year, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Just checking in. I forget so much, too, that happens over a year and then you look back over and think well, I did do a lot of new things last year. Love your look as always! And I certainly hope 2014 is a wonderful year! Debbie @

  9. Sara, Sara! I treasure you so much! I love seeing how you've grown, and also have stayed the same. 2013 was a hard year for me- but like you there are choice highlights full of good friends and fond memories. I love seeing pictures of your friends with you- doing stuff. How much fun times you look like you're having. I wish I could drink a pint with you, and share an afternoon, or two of thrift shopping. Here's to a joyful, dream making year for 2014. Hugs to you, lovely woman!

  10. While 2013 may not have been the best for you, I think that it was one of the better years seen on this blog just because you gained more confidence in yourself which will last you for many years

  11. What an adorable outfit. You look great in those pencil cut jean skirts :)


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