Sunday, January 12, 2014

1950's Vintage Wedding Gown.

Yksi huikeimmista löydöistä, minkä tein vuonna 2013, oli ehdottomasti vintage hääpuku kymmenellä eurolla. En ole menossa naimisiin lähiaikoina tosin, enkä varmaan vuosiin, mutta minun oli aivan pakko tämä puku ostaa itselleni. Fiilistelin heti se ylläni peilin edessä ja pistin mukana tulleen hunnunkin päähäni. Kaihoisia huokailuja... Ainoa vaan, että se on hennon vaaleanpunainen. Ehkä sitä sitten tosiaan joskus? Se nimittäin sopii minulle kuin nakutettu.

Toinen ihana löydökseni oli tuo sininen 50-luvun leninki. Minulla on samankaltainen viininpunaisenakin. Kaksi minulle käypää väriä vielä kaikenlisäksi!

(Translation: One of the greatest finds I did in 2013, was this vintage wedding gown (10 euros). I am not going to get married or anything, definitely not in next few years, but I really had to buy that gown when I found it. At home I put the dress and the veil on right away. Oh, sigh...! The only thing is that the gown is light pink.
Well, maybe someday...? It really fits me nicely.

Other nice find I have made was this 1950s blue wiggle dress. I have the same kind of dress in burgundy. Two colours that suit me well, yay!)


En ole vieläkään ystäväni kanssa löytänyt uutta asuntoa.. Olen nukkunut muiden nurkissa ja kotonaolo on jäänyt vähälle. Minua stressaa ihan älyttömästi tällä hetkellä kaikki, eli tulee olemaan blogin puolella hiljaista sitten ainakin tämän kuun ajan. Kun nyt vain saisi sen asunnon, ollaan hakemuksia laiteltu, ehkä se nappaa.

(I still haven't found an apartment for me and my friend. I have been sleeping at my friend's and haven't really stayed at home. I am stressing out so much at the moment, so this is going to be one freakin' quiet month. If we could just get that new apartment, we have sent some applications so perhaps soon enough we have a place to live.)


  1. What a fantastic find. Nobody has to know it's a wedding dress, wear it to a party with a nice brooch maybe. I hope everything will sort itself out for you soon

  2. Those are completely beautiful dresses. Great finds for sure. I'm so sorry to hear about the stresses with living arrangements right now. Hopefully you will find something soon and be able to breathe a little easier.


  3. What classic, feminine frocks! I adore them both - and the wedding dress all the more actually because it's pink (my very favourite colour). The hue is so soft, romantic and sweet - I think any bride would look outstanding in it.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oh Sara, I gasped when I saw that first dress! How beautiful, I hope we can see some photos of you wearing it! Best of luck with the apartment hunt xx

  5. two great finds!
    the wedding dress doesn't looks too wedding-ish, because it is not white. what about pairing it with a black belt and black tights? so you could wear it without getting married ;)
    the blue dress is a stunner. i can't wait to see it on you.

    good luck with finding a new apartment!

  6. That vintage wedding dress is a dream, can't wait to see you wear it some time! Best of luck with the apartment hunting and Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks for Posting ! first time I have found a genuine post related to Wedding Dress Alterations

  8. You always seem to be doing the most amazing finds! I'm looking forward seeing you wearing that pink wedding dress :D

  9. Hi
    great post. I love all of her dresses, very unique! My bridesmaids and I are actually going to look at wedding dresses in Burlington this weekend in hopes of finding that perfect dress Bridesmaid dresses

  10. Wow! What a beautiful and simple dress. I bought a designer preowned wedding dress to wear on my big day that I bought form an online store.


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