Saturday, December 7, 2013


Itsenäisyyspäivänä tein kävelylenkin, pelasin Kimbleä ja Aliasta, katsoin 'linnanjuhlia' ja kävin muutamassa paikallisessa illemmasta. Minun oli tarkoitus lähteä Joensuuhun vasta sunnuntaina, mutta jollain asteella houkuttelisi palata sinne jo tänään takaisin. Saa nyt nähdä, miten teen.

Ylläni minulla on ollut tänään uusi lempileninkini, mahtava löytö Fidasta. Puvusta en tiedä vuosilukua, 50-lukua (?) metallisine vetoketjuineen, mutta jotenkin saan siitä myös 40-luvun viboja, en tiedä. Olen nyt pitänyt aika usein tuota vintage rintakorua hienoissa puvuissani, ja myös samaan sävyyn olevia violetteja korvakoruja. Rintakoru oli joululahja parin vuoden takaa, ja se on aivan ihana!

Anteeksi kuvien laatu. Asetukset taisi mennä väärin.

(Translation: I celebrated Independence day by taking a walk, playing Kimble and Alias, watching TV and spending the evening at local bars. I was meant to travel back to Joensuu on Sunday, but somehow I have been thinking about going back already today. We'll see what I'm going to do.

I am wearing my new favourite vintage dress. I don't know the era, 50s vintage (?), with metal zippers, but somehow it gives me 40s vibes. I have been wearing that violet brooch a lot lately with matching earrings. The brooch was a christmas gift couple of years ago, and I love it so!

Sorry for the quality of the photos. The settings were quite wrong.)



  1. I think the dress might actually be 40's rather than 50's. The neckline, the hem length, cropped sleeves... but I can be wrong aswell :D Either way, it looks gorgeous! And the handbag give nice touch to the style aswell.

  2. I agree that its probably a 40s.. so beautiful!!! I'm in love!

  3. Really pretty outfit, dear gal - that brooch is gorgeous! We have snow to match yours here again now, too. Like Rhia and Nora above, I too agree that this dress could very easily be from the 40s.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. the dress is beautiful. probably the dress is from the late 40s super early 50s ... it looks fantastic on you!

  5. these photos are magical, i think the setting is fine :) so wintery and gorgeous. i hope you had a lovely holiday

  6. It always warms my heart to peek upon your cute, sweet face. You in that dress are lovely! You remind me of a heroine from the pages of a mystery novel- solving murders, stylishly!

  7. wooow you are ever so gorgeous. first your hair is perfection! second i looooove that dress and third the coat is a winter dream!

  8. An absolutely beautiful dress my dear and looks ever so magical with the snow in the forest! Hope you have been well and having a fabulous weekend!
    May x
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  9. Wonderful wintry photographs. You look great in that sophisticated black dress with your hair up, hope you weren't too cold out there in the snow!

  10. Such an elegant look my dear! You look so sweet, ladylike and just perfect. I love everything and you are just pretty. Kisses, xxx


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