Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas eve.

Oikein rauhaisaa joulua kaikille!
Puin tänään ylleni jouluaatoksi uuden 50-luvun juhlapukuni, jonka ostin itselleni joululahjaksi. Pidän siitä erittäin paljon, se on niin suloinen! Isäni toimi tänään hovikuvaajanani, joten siksi näytän vähän vaivaantuneelta. Sentään viimeisessä kuvassa uskaltauduin jopa hymyilemään kun alkoi naurattaa :D  Kiharoista tuli paplareilla oikein suloiset tällä kertaa :)

Tämä päivä menee varmasti hitaasti, en tiedä mitä erikoisempaa voisi tehdä. Ehkä sitä jotain keksii. Tunnelmahan se on se paras juttu jouluaatossa :)

(Translation: Happiest christmas to you all, dear readers!
I wore today my christmas gift, 50s vintage dress. I like it a lot, it is so adorable! My dad took these outfit photos for me, and that's why I look so uncomfy. At least he managed to take one smiling pic of me, when I had an urge to laugh :D And gosh I love my hair at the moment :)

I don't know if I am going to do anything special today, maybe I'll figure out something. Or then I just relax and eat a lot. The best thing in christmas eve, I think it is the atmosphere.:)

Isä tietää, miten saa minut nauramaan kuvissa :D
(Dad know how to make me laugh for pictures :D


Meillä onkin tänä jouluna kaksi piparkakkutaloa :D Molemmat siskojen tekemiä
(We have two ginger bread houses this year :D Both were made by my sisters)


  1. That blue dress looks stunning on you! And your hair is looking really beautiful in these pictures. I cannot believe those gingerbread houses, quite marvelous. Have a very merry Christmas!

  2. Aww, a new post, so I am back here again! Haha, I feel the same whenever my mum takes pics of me, feeling silly to pose then as usual. Adorable dress indeed! Perfect for such a special day, in Poland we celebrate Christmas Eve as well, Im happy about it, an extra day of Christmas spirit.

    I was going to tell you you have a very nice natural hair colour, are you going to stick on it? Red was nice as well, you look good in warm and cold shades I think.

    1. Thank you Vivian! :) Yes I think I will dye my hair more red again someday, but I don't do it very often :) Happy christmas <3

    2. I was thinking about ed again too, but enjoying black for now ;)

    3. You look fabulous in any hair colour !:)

  3. That is such an enchantingly beautiful dress! I love how much the colour pops against a serene, snow covered backdrop. You're gorgeous, dear gal, just gorgeous!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. this dress is an absolute vintage dream. love it!


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