Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Military cap

Löysin eilen Fidasta kahdella eurolla hienon vanhan suikka-hatun!
Se inspiroi minua pukemaan tänään ylleni jakkupuvun. Tarvitsisin ihan kunnon mustan jakun joka istuu hyvin, niin ei tarvitsisi vöitä aina pitää. Sain kuulla tänään asustani vaikka mitä mielikuvia, kuten esimerkiksi saksalainen armeija, lentoemäntä tai seilori! 

Ja tiedättekö mitä? Meillä on villakangastakin kurssi ensi jaksossa, ja se ei tule olemaan normaalista poiketen edes asiakastyö! Eli me teemme takit itsellemme. Olen pitkään haaveillut 40-luvun tyylisestä tyköistuvasta ja kellohelmaisesta takista, joten aion tehdä sellaisen itselleni. Katselin jo tänään kuviakin inspiraatioksi, aivan mielettömän ihania! 

(Translation: I found this military styled cap from thrift store yesterday!
It inspired me to wear a suit today. I really need a proper fitting black jacket, so I wouldn't need any belts.. At school, I heard today that my outfit reminded of German army, air hostesses and sailors!

And you know what? We have a course for wool coats starting in December, and it's not going to be a customer work - as it would usually be! We are sewing and designing coats for ourselves. I have been dreaming of a fitting 40s coat with circle hem, so I am going to sew one myself! I already searched pictures for inspiration. So awesome!)


  1. I bought one last week! I don't know when I shall wear it so I just have it at home!

  2. Oh how exciting to take a course that teaches you to make a wool coat! I hope you will share all your progress and any obstacles you had to overcome. Love you new hat:)

  3. Now there's a salute worthy outfit! :) Really great styling, honey - love the subtle pop of leopard on the collar in a military inspired outfit. It's really unexpected and chic.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. ah, salute! i bought several army / military hats (in germany we call them Schiffchen). actually i wanted to wear a blue one with my late 40s blue dress, i have never worn till today. sadly the one Schiffchen got 'lost' in storage. probably i will find it again when we finally move our stuff here. love the little leopard detail on the blazer ....

  5. Love your outfit, dear Sarah! You really look like a stewardess straight out of my beloved 50s era. Delicious!


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