Thursday, October 17, 2013


Anteeksi suuresti hiljaisuuteni. Elämä on vienyt kaiken voimani ja en usko, että ihan vielä pystyn sitä arvontaakaan järkkäämään, mutta kyllä se on tulossa niin pian kuin vain pystyn ja kykenen sitä miettimään. :)
Nyt viettelen syyslomaa, ei kovin rentouttavaa sellaista, tarvitsisin niitä arjen rutiineita ja jotain mihin keskittää ajatuksensa. Siivoamista kyllä olisi kotona yllin kyllin... Hmm.

No joo, tällaisella asulla olin liikenteessä eilen. Rakastan tuon vaaleanpunaisen "nimikkopaitani" ja pinkin huivin yhdistelmää! Paitaan olen tosiaan kirjaillut itse nimen "Sarah" ja selkämykseen "DeLicatease". Tämä on yksi lempparilookeistani.

(Translation: I am so sorry for my absence. Life has really taken all my powers and I am not sure if I can organize a giveaway quite YET, but it's coming as soon as I am capable of thinking about it. :)
My autumn holidays have not been very relaxing, I would really need some routines and something to concentrate with. Well, our house needs some cleaning..?

And this was my outfit yesterday. I love the compination of that pink blouse (with my name) and that pink head scarf! And if you remember, I embroidered myself the name "Sarah" infront, and "DeLicatease" to the back of the shirt. This is one of my favourite outfits.)


  1. Maybe this is because I just came back from Grease the musical, but you would make a fashionable pink lady!

  2. The two pinks together are so lovely. K x

  3. It's so lovely seeing you in pink Sara! I don't think I wear that colour enough! I hope you are finding time to relax with your busy life! :)

    Emma x

  4. You're a vision of loveliness in pretty pink, dear Sarah. I'm so sorry that you've been having a rough go of things lately, and on your holiday break to boot. I really hope that the remainder of October and the year picks up and is way, way more enjoyable for you.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Your style is beautiful, especially your photos these past few months. Hope things go better for you - listening to music helps me relax, and also just finding something to do to keep busy. I guess that is why you posted that song but I don't understand any of the words of course since I only speak English.

    1. Thank you Matt :) indeed, it helps me too! Especially that song reflects exactly my feelings at the moment.

  6. this outfit is pretty cool and your make up looks fantastic. wow!

  7. I hope the days that are coming to be more enjoyable for you, dear Sarah. Love that blouse embroidered with your name, it's magic to my eyes! Happy week, dear.

  8. F for feminine, F for fantastic! Wonderful in pink.


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