Monday, September 30, 2013

Back to school.

Ensimmäinen kunnollinen koulupäivä takana ensimmäistä kertaa puoleen vuoteen. Ja kaikki meni päin honkia heti. En muista enää yhtään mitään kuosittelusta saati kaavoituksesta! Oli niin typerästi asetettu työssäoppimiset kesäloman molemmin puolin, että varmasti unohtaa kaiken. Harmittaa ihan sikana kun ei tullut ommeltua kesällä sen enempää. Mielialani ei ole kovin korkea enkä enää luota taitoihinikaan. 

Miksi minä otan kaiken aina niin vakavasti ja alan heti ajatella, että ei minusta ikinä tule ompelijaa? Ja huomenna pitäisi alkaa jo opinnäytetyön suunnittelu.

(Translation: Let's just say that this day was not the best of mine. My school started again, properly, and it has been 6 months since I last time was at school. We had on the job learning periods before and after summer holidays... I can't remember anything from what I learned last year!! So frustrating! I really don't believe I'm gonna be a succesfull seamstress after graduation...)

Mekko on 50-60-luvulta, uusi löytö, ja tiedän että se on ryppyinen. Tein kaikkeni, todella..

(The dress is a new find, from the 50-60's and I know it's wrinkled. I tried everything, honestly....)


  1. What a fab find! Love the shape of that pretty dress. Sending you much motivation for your school start! xx

  2. What a beautiful dress. It looks like it has a little bit of texture to it too. Good luck with your studies.

  3. Wow, you look breathtaking my dear Sara! I am sorry to hear your day was awful, but sure you will get better and turn into the successful seamstress to dream to be. You have such an extraordinary style, you will find your way. Lots of love, xxx

  4. This is such a gorgeous dress. Elegant, deeply feminine, and with just a hint of mystery to it, too, thanks to the colour palette. One trick that I've found can help with stubbornly wrinkled dresses is to take two very warm large towels (not burn-your-fingers warm, of course, but definitely toasty) from the dryer. Lay your dress on one, put down the dress, place the second on top, then gently run a rolling pin over top (making sure the top towel stays in place) back and forth several times. I came up with this method years ago and have a had a lot of success with it on hard-to-iron fabrics.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you for the tip, Jessica! I'm going to try that out definitely :)

  5. I could never match the fantastic comment of Jessica, but I coulnd´t agree more, dear Sara.
    I hope you join me in an autumn link up this Friday.

  6. this dress is fantastic. did you steam it?! if nothing helps, ask a dry cleaner. this dress might worth to invest some money to get un-wrinkled.


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