Sunday, August 25, 2013

Leopard from head to toe. Kinda.

Leopardikuvio on mielestäni aivan ihanaa. En erityisemmin pidä erikoisenvärisistä leopardikuosista, mutta tällainen luonnollisen värinen leopardikuvio iskee minuun. Rakastuin tähän somaan pieneen neuleeseen kirpparilla, ja vaikka lapussa lukee, että se on itseasiassa 11-12-vuotiaille, sitä voisi silti vähän kaventaa sopivammaksi minulle. Sinänsä ihan kiva, että lastenvaatteet sopivat minulle, ne ovat usein nimittäin aika suloisia!

No, en tietenkään koskaan malta olla yhdistelemättä kyseistä kuviota muihinkin asusteisiin, eli korvikset ja korkkarit pääsivät vihdoin ja viimein yhdessä eilistä keikkaa katsomaan.

(Translation: You might already know my love for leopard print. I like to keep it natural coloured, I am not really that into green or pink leopard. I fell in love with this cute sweater with leopard collar, and even though the tag says it's for 11-12 year old girls, I don't care. It's actually a little loose for me. I like it when some lil' girls' clothes fit for me, because they are often soo darn cute!

Well, obviously I couldn't resist mixing and matching leopard in other accessories too, so I also wore these earrings and high heels yesterday, when we wen't to a gig.)


  1. Sara, I just adore the leopard print detailing in your outfit!It's such a glamorous way to wear a print that can sometimes be overkill and tacky. You look beautiful! I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Emma x

  2. What a cool outfit! I pick up a few things from the girls department from time to time. If it fits, why not? Plus, it's cheaper! I think I have those shoes, too.

    Life of Mabel

  3. I love your new colour hair, and such a stylish animal pring attire, dear Sara.
    Good to be back to my dear friends.

  4. Tosi ihana neule ja kaunis asukokonaisuus! Neutraali leopardikuvio on kaikkein parasta :)

  5. Very cute Sara! I like this more subtle use of leopard print and the natural colour. Great find as well, the girl's cardigan. I used to shop in Tammy Girl a lot when I was in my mid 20s, it was cheaper than adult clothing! P x

  6. Seriously gorgeous! I adore leopard, too, and rarely go in for wild coloured versions of it either. For many years I kept my leopard to light touches (such as the cuff on a pair of winter gloves or a leopard print hair flower), but then a couple winters ago I bought a great leopard print 50s repro circle skirt from a seller in the UK and quickly discovered I could pull off this delightful, classic animal print in larger doses, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. This is such an elegant look. Just the right amount of animal! K

  8. Voi että tuo hame on niiin nätti edelleen, taisin sitä jo kertaalleen ihastella :) Osaisikohan kaavoittaa samanlaisen, jos yrittäisi...

  9. Ooh, all the leopard print in this outfit really ties everything together. Very stylish.

  10. This is how leopard print should be done, you look so sophisticated! Also, the detail on your skirt is absolutely amazing. Love this whole look!


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