Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blue flowers and green shamrocks.

Kaksi viikkoa takana työssäoppimista ja mukavaa on ollut. Olen löytänyt lisäää juttuja itselleni sieltä, mm. ihanan perusneuleen joka näkyy tämän päivän arkisessa asussani. Olen myös löytänyt aivan ihania astioita! Nuo englantilaiset siniset astiat tulevat olemaan paljon käytössä - samoin irkkusävytteiset kahvikupit. Eivätkö olekin suloisia?

(Translation: I've been working now two weeks in a thrift store and have a nice time. I have found so much great things for myself, for example that purple sweater which you can see in my today's outfit. I have also found beautiful dishes! I believe I am going to use those blue English cups a lot - as much as those shamrock coffee cups. Aren't they cute?)

Olen viime päivät pitänyt vain huivia päässäni, sillä en jaksa ruveta laittelemaan niitä ikinä aamulla. Herään niin huonosti aina aamuisin..  No, onneksi uusia vaatteita sen verran, ettei inspiraatio kuitenkaan täysin lopu. Enemmänkin tuntuu, etten osaa edes päättää mitä haluaisin eniten pitää ylläni! Varsinkin, kun jo viikon päästä - liput tilattu WUHUU - menemme kaverini Elisan kanssa Nurmekseen, Matchboxin keikalle! Mekkokriisi!!

(I have been wearing a headscarf a lot lately, I am just too exhausted to do anything else to my hair. I don't like waking up in the mornings.. Well, luckily I have so many new clothes I don't have to worry about getting uninspired for a long time. I get more often a feeling when I just can't decide what to wear because there's too many options! And by the way, I am having a crisis - what-to-wear one - as I am going next week to my hometown and my friend Elisa and I are going to see Matchbox!! And it's gonna be my 2nd time! I am so excited!!)


  1. The scarf is lovely, Sara. Your eyes really stand out and we can see how lovely they are! I am going to begin volunteering in one of my favorite thrift-type places, and I cannot wait. I know where my extra mad money will be going!


  2. What a beautiful, wonderfully ladylike outfit, dear Sara. I have a strikingly similar 1950s scarf, which has wee little polka dots instead of a checkered patterned.

    Wishing you a splendid Friday,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hehe those shamrock coffee cups are SO you!

  4. Are you actually able to bring any money home working in a thrift shop? I would be buying everything with my salary. I bet this is great because you can get the pick of what comes in! Those tea cups with the blue pattern are seriously heavenly. I just love this print. It's simple, classic, and I could quite imagine Audrey Hepburn sipping from one of those teacups.

    1. Not really as I am not paid at all.. :D I only get my student's fee. Well one thing is sure, I am so lucky, because everything is so cheap, 1€ for skirts and shirts, 2€ for all the dresses :D
      I love those cups too, coffee tastes much better when I drink from them :)

  5. The thrift store sounds like a great place to work for you. You will be the first to get anything unique and interesting!


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