Thursday, August 29, 2013

40s hat!

Sattuipa minulla hyvä tuuri eilen kirpputorin kassalla. Eräs rouva toi sinne 40-luvulta olevan aivan ylisuloisen hatun, mutta hän epäili, ettei se ehkä menisi kaupaksi (Ai ei??). Teatterille vienti olisi ollut toinen vaihtoehto. Minun suuni loksahti auki, kun näin hatun. Miten suloinen se olikaan! Sanoinpa heti, että minä kelpuutan hatun enemmän kuin mielelläni (pasmat menivät sekaisin!!). Rouva antoi sen sitten suoraan minulle, ja nyt se on sitten minun ja rakastan sitä suorastaan, se on täydellinen jakkujen kanssa!

Huomenna lähden Nurmekseen Drive in -tapahtumaan, mennään kuitenkin vain katsomaan perjantain rock n' roll keikat, muunmuassa Matchboxilta. En malta odottaa!

(Translation: Gosh I am so lucky to have such an awesome on-the-job learning place. One older woman came there yesterday with a 40s hat, but she doubted that no one would buy it (seriously?). She also thought about giving it to the theatre. My jaw dropped when I saw the hat. It was the sweetest thing ever! I said immediately that I would take it and love it till the end (I was so excited, my face was filled with joy!). She then gave it to me, and now it's mine, and I love it. It is perfect with blazers!

Tomorrow I am travelling to Nurmes with my friend Elisa, we are going to an event called Drive In & Rock, but we will only go watch few rockabilly gigs tomorrow, including Matchbox. Can't wait!)


  1. Lucky you! The hat looks amazing indeed :)

  2. Hi Sarah, your a lady with elegance & beauty. I've just found your fabulous blog, I'm a much loved collector myself of vintage and hats. Which inspired me to be a designer. I'm the creator at House Of Harrie Hattie, I hope you could visit me over at my blog too, looking forward to following you, all the best Harrie xxx

  3. So chic! I love how you've done your hair to go with that hat.

    Have fun!

    P x

  4. What a perfect hat and a very lucky find! x

  5. I adore that hat on you, wow what a find and it looks like it was made to be worn with your gorgeous skirt suit. Looking beautiful!

  6. Elegance waltzes merrily through this beautiful fall ensemble. I love that your skirt and umbrella coordinate so well, as well as the whole colour palette of this beautifully feminine ensemble. Your new hat is awesome and looks absolutely lovely on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. girl, i love your hat. it's so gorgeous!

  8. What a gorgeous hat!!! Hats are really what I love the most in vintage fashion!!!!

  9. Wow! You're a lucky girl, dear Sarah! I would weep with joy if someone comes to give me this beautiful hat! I am sure you will love it forever.

  10. I love it how your umbrella matches the colour of your skirt! I love your other colour co-ordinations aswell: shoes-gloves-blouse, bag-hat. And the jacket sort of pulls it all together. Really nice combo!


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