Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dressing up for the rockabilly gig.

Tänään menen kuuntelemaan monennettakohan kertaa paikallista rockabillya. Näistä jutuista kun ei voi jäädä paitsi, menettää muuten paljon. Päätin kokeilla hiuksillani jotain uutta, ja lopputulos on ihan kiva, vaikka Joonaksen ensikommentti oli "she-devil". Kiitos kiitos :D

Huomasin juuri, miten ryppyinen tuo paita on.. Hups.

(I'm going to listen local rockabilly band, god knows how many times I've seen them already. I decided to try out something new with my hair, and I really like the result, even though Joonas's first comment - when she saw my hair-do - was "she-devil". Thanks dear :D

I just noticed how wrinkled my shirt is.. Oops.)


  1. I love your hair like this, and I don't know did I tell you already but color is amazing too.
    Have a good time :*

  2. Well hello beautiful! Your new hairstyle looks great on you! Don't look like a devil at all xD
    Have a great time! Hugs!

  3. Very pretty look - soft blue and classic rolls go so well together (I always think of that hue and various other blues with the 40s, so rolls seem like such a natural match). I really hope you have a terrific weekend, honey!

    ♥ Jessica


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