Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SEWING - Blueberries, cherries and strawperries

Löysin Fidasta ihanat verhot kesäisen marjaisella printillä! Eilen ryhdyin sitten ompelemaan verhoista itselleni mekkoa. Sain tänään mekon valmiiksi, kun olin käynyt ensin vetoketjun ostamassa. Tykkään lopputuloksesta todella paljon, ja huomaan kehittyväni koko ajan. Ei ollut läheskään niin paljon ongelmia edes kuosittelussa mitä on joskus ollut, ja jälkeni paranee koko ajan. Ainoa ongelma oli vain ompelukone, joka tökki ja tökki. Koko ajan piti olla säätelemässä sitä kuntoon. Muuten sujui ihan hyvin, ainakin mekko on soma ja kesäinen.
Aion pistää sen perjantaiksi ylleni King Rebel & Ramblersien keikalle. Siitä tulee varmasti hauska ilta, vaikka sadetta on lupaillutkin.

(Translation:I found lovely curtains with all kinds of berries from our nearest thrift store! Yesterday I started sewing a dress out of them. I finished it today, I needed to buy a zipper first. I love the result so much, I see how I've gained experience and confidence in sewing. This felt like a piece of cake, no problems at all, not even with the pattern I made, and I am being more careful all the time. The only problem was my sewing machine, it's not very cooperative.. Anyways, this dress is so adorable and summery.
I am going to wear this on friday, going to see King Rebel & Ramblers. It's going to be so much fun, even though I heard it'll rain.)

Käytiin siskon kanssa ottamassa näitä kuvia, ja sain perjantain yli kameran lainaan! Yritän nyt postailla ahkerasti, ehkä jo ensi viikolla sen oman kameran kuitenkin jo saan :)

(We took these photos with my sister, and I borrowed her camera for the weekend! I try to post now when I can, but perhaps next week I have received my own new system camera:)

"Kiipesin" puuhun. Se oli vaikeaa kellohelmalla ja korkokengillä. Miten se puuhun kiipeäminen on niin paljon vaivalloisempaa kuin lapsena? Olisin päässyt huomattavasti korkeammalle kymmenen vuotta sitten.
 (I tried to climb to the tree.. It was quite difficult with a full skirt and high heels. I can't figure out how it was so much easier when I was a child. I would have climber higher ten years ago.)

Ah niin, värjäsin hiukseni taas punaisiksi. Tykkään tykkään!
(Oh and I dyed my hair red again. I like it so much!)


  1. Gorgeous! Wow you are a quick seamstress! What a great idea to reuse the curtain material. Love the red <3

    -the other Sara

  2. Wow, such a pretty dress! I really love the pattern, so summer-y and cute.

    Also I loved climbing trees as a child and I would go so high I can't even imagine how it is possible in the first place. Although now I can wear heels all day long and feel okay and it seemed impossible back then. I guess, something you lose, something you win :D

  3. Sara, your dress is fabulous! I adore the pattern, I love seeing things you have made yourself! You're so gifted at it! Love the freshly dyed hair too, I'd love to go red again but unfortunately it made my hair so dry and damaged I couldn't keep it up, I think I was meant to be born a redhead!

    Hope you're having a lovely week so far!

    Emma x

    1. thank you Emma! I also have a problem with this red haircolour, as it keeps fading so fast :/

  4. Ohhh, I so adore this wonderfully charming dress (and the fabric you made it from). The area of British Columbia where we lived when I was really little (until shortly before my 9th birthday) is famous for its berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries in particular) and even holds a festival each year devoted to these scrumptious little fruits. If you lived there, this would soooo be the perfect dress to wear to Berry Fest.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you !:) This dress would definitely suit very well to that event, sounds like a delicious one too :)

  5. I can't believe that dress used to be curtains! I think it would be criminal for this beautiful fabric to be used for anything other than a dress! I think this is one of my most favorite outfits you have ever worn on your blog, that dress is just so perfect. I absolutely adore the shots of you climbing the tree, they are so dreamy!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

  6. Such a pretty and romantic dress! I love the shot of you climbing the tree, impressive you got that high up in those heels!

  7. I love your red hair too, Sara.
    I cannot think of anything better than sewing strawberries and cherries by the lilac tres, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Pure inspiration.

  8. Wow, love the dress. The pictures where you climb the trees look like fun. I think I couldn't even climb this high anymore :-D Lucky children, it was really easier back then :-D xxx


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