Monday, June 24, 2013

Pale pink.

Ah, musta ja haalea pinkki ovat niin ihana yhdistelmä. Löysin tuon mustan topin vaaleanpunaisin pilkuin kirpputorilta joku aika sitten, ja se näyttää ihanalta kellohameeni kanssa. Ensikatsomalta näyttää ihan somalta mekolta.

Vanhempani tulevat tänään Joensuuhun. Otan heistä 30-vuotis hääpäiväkuvia viereisellä kirkolla, jossa heidät tuolloin vihittiin 1983. Onnea äiti ja isi!

(Translation: Ohh black and pale pink are such a delightful combination. I found that black top with pink dots from a flea market few days ago, and it looks so great with my circle skirt. It looks like a cute dress actually, if you don't look closely.

My parents are coming to Joensuu today. I'm going to take photos of them for their 30 years of marriage in the local church. They got married in that church in 1983. Congrats mom and dad!)

Wearing: Black circle skirt - made by me, White purse vintage, Everything else's thrifted


  1. Your outfit is adorable and yes you're right, it looks like a dress! Love that little bag.
    Congrats to your parents!
    Have a fab time!!! xx Tani

  2. This look is extraordinary and it suits you so beautifully. It is difficult to believe it is a not a dress! K x

  3. Very very pretty. The skirt turned out great.

  4. Ooh Sara, I love the little touches of pink, It's so pretty! and the underskirt! Congrats to your parents on their 30 years of marriage! Mine just celebrated 28 years, not far behind!

    Emma x

  5. Sweet Sara, you look so awesomely lovely!!! Soft pink and midnight black has always been one of my favourite colour combos, too (chalk it up at least in part to my 80s childhood, when it was a fave of many a woman).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Love the contrast of black with pink, so soft ... indeed, it looks like a dress ... congratulations to your parents ... 30 are many years of love!

  7. What a find that black top is, it matches the circle skirt perfectly, yes it looks like the most gorgeous dress! The pale pink belt pulls it together wonderfully. Such a romantic and stylish look on you, and how romantic that your parents are still in love 30 years on.


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