Monday, May 20, 2013


Kesä on vihdoin tullut.
Ulkona oli tänäänkin yli 20 astetta lämmintä, aurinko paistaa, terassikausi avattu ja karaokea laulettu, grillauskausi odottaa, jäätelöt syöty, kalaa ei olla saatu, hauskaa on ollut. Ihanaa kun ulkona vihertää! Alle pari viikkoa enää kesälomaan. 

Kamerani on yhä rikki, mutta tosiaan lähden perjantaina Helsinkiin, tsekkaamaan Rockabilly Heavyweight Tournamentin! Mukana mm. The Blue Cats ja Matchbox! Saan sinne lainaksi siskolta kameran, eli kuvamatskua tulee silloin. En malta millään odottaa.

Tähän postaukseen pistän kuvia viime kesän tunnelmista muutamia, olkaa hyvä!

(Translation: Summer's finally here.
It's been over +20 degrees outside, the sun is shining, we have opened the terrace season and sang karaoke, still waiting for grill parties, ate already some ice cream, didn't got fish, we've had fun so far. I love how green it's outside! Only two weeks to go, then I'm off to enjoy the holidays.

My camera is still broken, but I am going to Helsinki for this weekend - checking out Rockabilly Heavyweight Tournament! Including The Blue Cats and Matchbox! I will be borrowing a camera from my sister for the event, so I am going to post after I return. Can't wait.

In this post I will raise my summer mood by watching few idyllic photos from summer 2012, enjoy!)


  1. The warm weather has returned here with a fury, too. We've already had a few days that got up to +31 in the first half of May, and all but one or two days (which were rainy) have been at least +20. It's unusual to climb above about +26 here this early in the year, and I suspect that it means a scorching summer is on the horizon for us.

    Have an incredible trip, dear Sara!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Wow that's quite hot! Must remember to drink water a lot :)

  2. What a darling frock in that first pic!
    Happy travels, lovely! XXX

  3. It's not that warm here yet, but it's nice enough! Hope you have a lovely time in Helsinki, and hope you get the camera situation sorted out soon!

    Emma x

  4. Gorgeous outfit from second picture <3

  5. Such pretty photos! I love outfit number 2 especially, very cute rockabilly!


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