Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rest in peace, Olavi..

Rakas pyöräni Olavi taitaa olla nyt menneen talven lumia. Minusta oli niin ihanaa omistaa vanha pyörä, nimesin sen siltä istumalta Olaviksi kun sen näin, näyttelijä Olavi Reimaksen mukaan.
Puolitoista vuotta kesti tätä yhteistä taivalta, mutta ei sitä taida saada korjattua. Kaksi ihmistä jo katsonut sitä, tiedä sitten josko kolmas sanoisi totuuden. Surullista!

Kamerahan ei vieläkään siis toimi, mutta piti nyt tästä vielä kirjoittaa.
Tässä vielä kuvia Olavista siihen aikaan kun sen sain.

(Translation: My darling bike Olavi is suffering, I might have to let him go. I loved to have such an old bike, I named him immediately Olavi, as I adore old Finnish actor Olavi Reimas. We had so much fun these couple of years with my bike, but I don't think it can be fixed in a decent price.. Two persons have already given up on his injuries, I wonder what the third would say. So sad!

My camera is still not working, but I wanted to write this post anyway.
Here's couple of photos of Olavi and our journey together.)


  1. Sara, I hope you get your camera sorted out, so sorry to hear your beloved bike is no more. I think you're due some good luck!

    Emma x

  2. Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear that your bike may be on its last legs. Perhaps (if you have the room) you could turn him into a decor piece inside your house instead? That way you'd still have your dear friend around, even if you weren't able to take him out around town any more.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh that is too bad! What a wonderful treasure!

  4. I'm sorry your poor bike is on its last days...I wish you both the best!! And your camera, too!

    PS--sorry I haven't been around in awhile! I missed your darling blog. I've just looked over all your entries that I missed. :)


  5. So sorry, dear Sara-

    I love old bikes too, but I now appreciate a good lightweight modern bike. RIP, Olvis


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