Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elegance ... SEWING : Black circle skirt for the Rockabilly Heavyweight Tournament

Ompelin eilen mustan kellohameen, sillä sellaista en edes omistanut. Kävin ostamassa kankaan ja päätin, että kokeilen nyt ensimmäistä kertaa napinläven tekemistä omiin juttuihini - muuten onnistuin! Ei tarvitse neppareiden kanssa näprätä enää. Tykkään tästä todella paljon, se on niin helppoa yhdistellä vaikka mihin. Tämän paidan ostin muuten joku aika sitten kirpputorilta, se on niin soma! Ja siinä on aivan ihanat kukkakirjailut.

Huomenna tosiaan Helsinkiin, ja minulla on nyt siskon kamera lainassa viikonlopun yli. Kuvia tulossa siis!

(Translation: I sewed a black circle skirt yesterday, because for some unknown reason I didn't have one. I bought some fabric and decided to try out to make a button hole for the first time to my own sewings - I succeeded! No more press studs. I love this skirt, it's so easy to mix with different kind of shirts and accessories. I bought that shirt few weeks ago from the thrift store, it's so cute. And I love that floral embroidery!

I'm off to Helsinki tomorrow, and I am borrowing my sister's camera over the weekend. Pics coming after I return from the trip!)

Kukkia Joonakselta
(Flowers from Joonas)


  1. Lovely Sara! I wish I could sew, you're so good at it! And yes, button holes is hard! :)

  2. Perfect skirt, it reminded me I was going to sew the black full circle skirt too! :) I really love your header picture. Is this short sleeve cardigan you are wearing on it from h&m? Yellow/mustard? As I used to have exactly same one, from h&m and I sold it :( I miss it every time I see your header ;)

    1. Thank you Vivian! I am not quite sure, I bought it thrifted and it has not tags on it. But it is possible :)

  3. Great job on your skirt. Lovley:) I need to learn to do button holes too.

  4. Fab job on the skirt - it looks wonderful, especially paired that lovely blouse :)

  5. Elegant as always. You are inspiring me to think about starting a course to make and alter my own clothes

  6. What a show-stoppingly wonderful outfit. From your marvelous handmade circle skirt to the charmingly pretty embroidery on the top, I love (and would happily wear) it all.

    Wishing you an awesome time!
    ♥ Jessica


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