Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welcome back, our darling furry friend!

Takapihan suloinen ystävämme on palannut pitkän talven jälkeen maisemiin. Ihanaa! Tästä tietää, että kesä on saapumassa yhä vain nopeammin. Ensi viikolla taidan avata terassikauden, nauttia drinkin tai pari.

(Translation: Our backyard's furry friend is back in business after a long long winter. I love bunnies so! It's a sign; summer is arriving faster and faster. I think I will open the terrace season, enjoy a drink or two.)


  1. We have occasional rabbits in the yard and I am always thrilled to see one. I'm also ready to enjoy the outdoors. I've been sitting on my porch these nice days. Debbie @

  2. I love seeing the little signs of Summer's return! Hope you had a lovely weekend Sara!

    Emma x

  3. Ohhhh I just love that you have wild rabbits that come into your yard! I love rabbits SO MUCH!!! Do you ever leave them carrots or little treats to nibble on?

    1. No we don't leave them anything, these are city rabbits so I don't know if our neighbours would like that :/

  4. What a darling long eared (and legged) sweetheart he is. It's rare (though not entirely unknown) to see rabbits or hares in the wild throughout much of Canada (I can only recall seeing one once, and I just about squealed with happiness when I did). Lucky you having this adore critter to come usher in spring for you.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. He's gorgeous, a sign Spring's on the way! xxx


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