Monday, April 15, 2013

Sailing and Bubbles.

Nyt kävi niinkin kivasti, että pääsen tämän kuun lopulla käymään yhden päivän ajan Tukholmassa, Ruotsissa. Lähdemme Silja Serenadella kahden siskoni ja isän kanssa, ja olen varma, että siitä tulee hauskaa. Laivalla on nimittäin Irlanti-viikot, joten siellä on jameja ja muita esiintyjiä! Olen todella innoissani. Silja Serenade onkin minulle tuttu laiva vuoden takaisesta risteilystä erään ystäväni kanssa. Se oli kyllä ehdottomasti ehkä paras risteily ikinä, toivottavasti tästä tulisi yhtä hauska! Toivottavasti uusittu passi ehtii kuitenkin tulla siihen mennessä.

(Translation: Hurray! At the end of this month I am going for one day's visit to Stockholm, Sweden. Me, my two sisters and my dad are travelling by ship, Silja Serenade, and I am certain it will be so much fun. The best thing is, that the theme is "Ireland" during that week, so there's irish jams and other performers! I am so excited. And Silja Serenade is familiar to me from the cruise where I participated about a year ago with one friend. It was the best cruise I've ever been to, I hope this is going to be as great! I just hope my new passport will be ready for the trip,)

Wearing: 70s brown trench coat, Wool hat/Skirt/Mustard cardigan thrifted


  1. OMG the yellow top and the gloves are fabulous! Fantastic outfit..

  2. I love that the lining of your jacket coordinates with your skirt. Great outfit!

  3. Sara I love your trench coat, it is such a classic style! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun, I'm not the biggest fan of boats because I get sea sick! I hope you take lots of photos to share with us!

    Emma x

  4. All the little details of your outfit add up to make it a perfect whole look. The details in the background are enticing too, especially the vintage phone.

  5. Sara this is so wonderful. Love your trench coat, love all!

  6. What a great outfit! Between the hat & the trench coat, you remind me of a black & white detective movie :D Have fun on your trip! Be sure to take pictures!

    Xo Sara

  7. What a splendidly lovely coat that is as timelessly chic as the day is long. How exciting about your upcoming trip - I'm thrilled for you that the theme is Ireland, as I know how very much you adore all things Irish. Hope you have a marvelous time!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Love your outfit!! Especially that jacket! That trip sounds like something exciting ... approach to live adventures! I hope you take lots of pictures to share with us ....

  9. I love the hat/coat combination. Have fun on your trip!!


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