Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May day celebrations!

Olen takaisin Ruotsin risteilyltä. Minulla oli ihan hauskaa ja Tukholma oli yhtä kaunis kaupunki kuin aina ennenkin, mutta Irlantiviikkojen esiintyjiin olin vähän pettynyt. Teema ei myöskään näkynyt muulla tavalla kuin näillä esiintyjillä. Trubaduuri pubissa oli kuitenkin huippu! Kerron joskus myöhemmin Ruotsin reissustamme, mutta nyt kuitenkin vapputunnelmiin!

Aurinko alkoikin sopivasti paistaa iltaan mennessä, eli ei muuta kuin kuoharia kehiin, serpenttiinejä kaulaan ja juhlimaan! Ainoat vappumaiset asiat, mitkä puuttuvat, ovat heliumpallo ja ylioppilaslakkini, mutta jospa tänä vuonna pärjään ilman niitäkin.


(Translation: I am back at home from the cruise. I had fun and Stockholm was beautiful as always, but I was quite disappointment with the Irish weeks of the Silja Serenade. I didn't like the performers, they looked so cheap, but that British troubadour in the Old Port Pub was awesome! I will tell you more about our cruise later - now I am celebrating May Day!

Finally the sun began to shine, so I'm off to drink something bubbly, blow serpentines and party! The couple of things I am missing are helium balloon and my graduation cap, but maybe this year I will manage without them.

Happy May Day!)

Ps: My new T-strap shoes! Thrifted, as usual ;)


  1. Happy May Day dear Sara! You look so cool in your black top and skirt! I love your home (I wish mine had as much charm) and love your new T-straps. LOVE!

  2. Love that top with that skirt!

    My Mum always used to go out and wash her face in the dew on May 1st, is supposed to keep you youthful. I can't do it these days, I don't have a lawn at my current house!!

    P x

  3. Happy May Day! :-D Your outfit is very lovely, especially the red skirt. The British troubadour sounds interesting, would have loved to see him. Kisses

  4. I'm sorry that the Irish performers didn't live up to what you'd been hoping they would be, honey. Hope the rest of your trip was wonderful though!

    Great May Day outfit - that skirt is so swishy, sweet and fun! Happiest May 1st celebrations!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Those are tap dancing shoes - perfect!


  6. oh, so cute! i adore your skirt.. so bright and bold! those heels are lovely as well.

    lindsey louise


  7. What a lovely May Day outfit, that skirt is divine!


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