Friday, March 22, 2013

Touch of Blue.

Viikonloppu, ihanaa. Hyvän aloituksen sille tuo yöllä Kerubissa Arctis-Klubi.. ja reggae-bändi Temppeli! Tulee varmasti huippuilta. Tällaisessa asussa aion hyppiä sit keikoilla, heh. Piti saada käyttöön kaverilta saamani musta kauluspaita, jossa on niin kivoja yksityiskohtia! En tiedä, näkyykö ne kuvista. Leikittelin sinisen eri sävyillä tässä asussa. Kengätkin ovat tummansiniset, ne ei kyllä taida näkyä..

(Translation: Three hurrays to the weekend! I'm going to listen reggae band Temppeli tonight. What a great start for a fabulous weekend. It's gonna be great! I'll be wearing this outfit. I wanted to wear that black blouse I got from a friend. I really love the details and it fits nicely. I don't know if you can see the details through the pics. I played with different shades of the colour blue. My shoes are also blue!)

Haha ei huolta, (Joonaksen) kolpakko on tyhjä. Olihan se pakko ottaa rekvisiitaksi, sininen kun on! 
Ja siksi, koska se ei todellakaan sovi edes asusteeksi :D
(haha no worries, that glorious tankard is empty. I just had to use it as an accessory, as it is blue!
 And because it is definitely NOT suitable with the rest of the outfit :D)


  1. Have a fantastic evening, you look adorable! That bow tie rocks! x

  2. ah, you look so wonderful! i don't know if i have told you before, but i am obsessed with your hair color!

    lindsey louise

    1. Why thank you ! Haha and I intended to dye it again .. :D bad root growth

  3. Touch of awesome. I love the bow tie on you! I've been collecting men's vintage ties lately- including a couple of bows. I will think of you when I wear one!

    1. Thank you ! I have few bow ties too, such a great touch to any outfit !:)

  4. Wonderful! I love the blue together with your amazing hair. You are so very pretty. The handbag is cool and the bow tie too. I am wearing a bow tie too while writing this comment :-) xxx


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