Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Diva! ... Still wanna continue reading my blog?

En ihan ymmärrä tätä Google readerin lopetusjuttua,vaikuttaako se jotenkin bloggerissa olevaan lukulistaan, mutta kuitenkin täytynee varmistaa, että jos haluat jatkaa kesäkuun jälkeenkin blogini parissa, seuraa Bloglovinin, Blogilistan tai Facebookin kautta. Itse siirsin jo nyt blogilistani Feedly.comiin! Kaikkeen täytyy varautua. Hämmentää koko juttu, mutta minkäs teet.

(Translation: I am not quite sure have I understood these news about Google Reader's end, does it mean Blogger's reading list is disappearing aswell, but anyways, if you want to continue reading my blog after June, follow my blog via Bloglovin, Blogilista or Facebook. I just transitioned my blog reading list to It seems like a great and easy site ! I am still quite confused about all these things, but what can I do. Gotta go with the flow.)

Wearing: Leather jacket - thrifted, Leopard hood - thrifted, Red pants - H&M few months ago, Leopard blouse - thrifted

 Leikin tänään vähän asusteilla. Rakastan irtohuppuja, tuossa on ihana leopardireunus, tykkään tykkään! Gosh olo on kuin diivalla.

(I played with some of my accessories today! I love hoods like this. Gosh I feel like a diva.)


  1. Yay! You look like a real diva! I started to follow your blog with Blogovin today .... I do not want to miss any of your lovely posts.

    1. Thank you very much Rosy! I'm glad you like to read my blog !

  2. Oh my gosh! This is the most wonderful outfit! Leopard print is always a favourite xx

    1. Thank you !!:)) it's my favourite too x

  3. love this look! very rockabilly! pretty cool!
    i will follow on bloglovin aswell, even i hate it. i suppose gfc will just disappear. sadly!


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