Friday, February 1, 2013

Cheers! I did it!!!!

Jotkut ehkä muistavat kamppailuni täydellisen Irish coffeen tekemisen kanssa. Aina se vaan näytti tavalliselta maitokahvilta. Ei koskaan ihanan tummalta kahvijuomalta komea kermapilvi yllään. Nyt se vihdoin onnistui, ja erityinen kiitos Emmalle avusta! Olen vähän häpeissäni koska se oli aika simppeli loppujen lopuksi. Hyvää on, menen jatkamaankin tästä Irish coffeeni nauttimista ;)

Some of you might remember my endless battle with making the perfect Irish coffee. It always ended up looking like a normal coffee with milk. It never looked like this kind of dark drink with handsome cream cloud on top. Now I finally succeeded, and a special thanks to Emma for the help and your dad's recipe! And I am ashamed because it was quite simple actually. It is delicious, so I will now go and continue enjoying my beutiful Irish coffee.;)



  1. Cheers! What a fab glass you've served your Irish Coffee in. x

  2. Can you send one of those my way, it's been a rough week.

    1. Sure! And lots of happy thoughts to you, Trina! x

  3. How wonderfully yummy! Big congrats and cheers to you, dear Sara!

    ♥ Jessica


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