Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Casually nautical

Seilori-Sara is back in business!
En ole aikoihin pukenut ylleni seilorivaikutteista asua, ja nyt kun hinku terassille ja ihanien kesäiltojen ikävä ovat vain kasvaneet viime aikoina, päätin pistää ylleni uudet pöksyt ja irtokauluksen. Harvoinhan minä housuja pistän ylleni, mutta kylmyys ja ehjien sukkahousujen puute pakottaa minut siihen. Eipä mitään, pärjään minä housuissakin vaikka se välillä ihmetystä herättääkin :D

(Translation: Sara the Sailorette is back in business!
I haven't been wearing anything nautical for a long time (it isn't my winter wear), and now when I really can't wait those beautiful summer nights and drinks outside, I decided to wear my new sailor pants and collar today. I rarely wear trousers, but coldness and lack of  new tights forced me to it. It doesn't matter, I'll survive even though some people don't believe in that :D)

See you darlings!


  1. Your earrings are so cute! But what happened to the other one? O.o

    1. Broken :D but it doesn't keep me from wearing that one :D

  2. Wonderful outfit! I need a top like that soooo much! I'm in a huge nautical mood these dreary winter days, too. I wish I could tap my heels and suddenly land on a sailboat out on a calm sea, the warm summer sun shinning like mad all over the place. Wearing nautical clothes might just be the best thing under summer really does return once more.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh I LOVE that super cute sailor top!!! Sarah xxx

  4. What a fab outfit, I love you dressed up in nautical style! x

  5. Such a sweet and simple take on the nautical theme! I love it :D

  6. Ihanat vaatteet!!
    Rakastuin <3 *w*


  7. You are adorable!! If only I were so thin again! Keep sewing! I love the Hawaii circle skirt/dress, and nothing looks askew to me.


  8. i love sailor style. your nautical top is so cute. i really have toget one too this year...


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