Thursday, January 3, 2013


Uuden vuoden aattoni oli todella hauska, eikä ollut aamulla edes krapulaa!
Nyt olen palannut takaisin koulunpenkille, kuunnellut uudella levysoittimellani ja ihastellut
Joonaksen uutta hiustyyliä! Hän on niin komea siilitukassa, en ole ennen nähnytkään
Joonasta ilman sitä muhkeaa hiuspehkoa..

Minulla oli joulun yli hoidossa kaverilta upea orkidea, ja nyt minua hävettää..
Se nimittäin taisi paleltua ja kuolla.. Minusta ei taida viherpeukaloa tulla. En tiennyt että
tuota ei kannata ikkunalle laittaa, ja meillä kun vetää niin se on nyt pudotellut miltei kaikki
kukkansa.. Tuntui tosin että minua asia kauhistutti enemmän kuin Kataa.. :D

(Translation: My new year's eve was so much fun, I didn't even had a hangover in the morning!
Now, I am back at school, I've been listening music with my new record player and
admiring Joonas' new haircut! He's so handsome with short hair, I haven't even seen him
without his thick fluffy hair before..

My friend gave me an orchid to take care through the christmas holidays, and now I am
so ashamed.. I think it's freezed, and dead. I am definitely not a "green thumb".
Well I didn't know you shouldn't put your orchid next to window, especially when the cold
wind blows inside.. It has only one flower left! What a sad view! 
I think I was a lot more upset than my friend Kata.. :D)

 Wearing: Red circle dress with hearts - sewed by me, Black Cherrybelle blouse - thrifted
Dotty scarf - thrifted

Rockabillyinnostukseni on tosiaan kasvanut tämän Joensuussa asumisen aikana.
Keikat ja kaikki uudet musiikkilöydöt, ja mahdollinen Helsinkiin lähtö toukokuussa
katsomaan The Blue Catseja ja Matchboxia!! Voinko innokkaampi enää ollakaan?
Toivottavasti minä pääsen sinne!

(My enthusiasm for rockabilly has been growing a lot since I moved to Joensuu.
All the rockin' gigs and musical finds, and an opportunity to see The Blue Cats and Matchbox
in Helsinki, on May!! Can a girl be any more excited?
I hope I will have enough money to go to see those awesome bands, and
daaance till I faint.)

My favourite song from The Blue Cats! Enjoy!


  1. Ooooooh all these photos are just reminding me how much I need a petticoat! You look so beautiful! :)
    Sorry about your orchid! I lost an orchid, too (by letting my mother care for it while I moved haha she's not a green thumb either), so I feel your pain!


    1. I got my petticoat from Flora Wedding ebay-shop, with decent price! :) I highly recommend it!
      Oh well, I wouldn't have been as upset if it would have been my orchid, but murdering my friend's flower, oh the pain :/

  2. Awesome dress! What pattern did you use?
    I wish I had awesome rockabilly shows near me!
    Bliadhna mhath ùr!

    1. thank you ! Actually I didn't use any patterns, I just sewed it from scratch :)
      Hyvää uutta vuotta! ;)

  3. Super cute! and the earrings just adds that special touch!


    Nike O.

  4. Such a super fun, pretty outfit! I love twirling around our living room listening to records, too. I've been doing it since I was a little girl and have no plans to ever stop! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you! Me too, especially if someone's twirling with me! :)

  5. Another dress Sara? Damnit! You're making my sewing looks bad teehee! Love that dress, and i love how you wear the blouse like a jacket, too cute! Rockabilly truly suits you - it's definitely your style!! You don't make it look too cute though, I mean you have a naturally great vintage style and it doesn't look too teenager-ish! You know how to tone it down!


    1. Oh no it's the same dress I made last year ! Just wore it again! :)
      Thank you so much for your compliment, made my day a lot better to hear that! :)

  6. You always look amazing in that dress, Sara, talented lady! And the blouse compliments it perfectly.

  7. I've always really liked orchids, but I am terrible at keeping plants! I prefer to visit the orchids at a local greenhouse. ;)

    I love the whole attitude of your outfit, and I'm always impressed when girls sew their own clothes. I'm learning, but I'm not even close to being able to make my own dress!

    1. Thanks ! I love flowers but I always kill them accidentally :(

  8. That dress is so gorgeous, you make such wonderful things!!!! I hope you open up an Etsy shop one day!
    Glad to hear you had a fun NYE, I wish you all the best for 2013 and look forward to all of your wonderful outfit posts this year :)

    1. Thank you very much ! :) Yes, I am planning on opening an etsy shop some day in the future, when I am - hopefully - a professional seamstress after my school, in year and a half:) it would be amazing!

  9. Wow!!! your amazing!!!! I love your style!!! <3

    Started following your fabulous blog! Hope you visit mine and follow back too... :)

  10. Big city life becomes you, dear! I love your Rockabilly thrills and budding record collection.


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