Friday, January 18, 2013

Monday. Busy working woman.

Olen karmeasti myöhässä maanantaiksi tarkoitetusta postauksesta.
Olen ollut todella stressaantunut ja kiireinen tällä viikolla. Olen kirjoittanut esitelmiä,
ollut unetonna, etsinyt ahdistuneena työssäoppimisjaksolle paikkaa, ja miettinyt kesätöitä.
Minun pitäisi näiden asioiden lisäksi suunnitella vaatteita, hankkia kankaita, ommella
ja ehditä syödäkin jossain välissä. Ja käydä koulussa.

Argh. Maanantai on kuitenkin yhä rauhoittumisen ilta. Irlantilaiselle kulttuurille
pyhitetty. Siihen kuuluu irlantilaista olutta, musiikkia ja epätoivoisia yrityksiä
tehdä Irish Coffee. Ehkäpä ensi maanantaina onnistuisin - kiitos Emmalle avusta! :)

(Translation: I am terribly late, this post about my monday wasn't meant to be posted on
friday. I was so stressed out and busy this week. I have been doing school works, without
any sleep, and trying to find a working place for the on-the-job learning period. I have also
been thinking about a summer job. I should design clothes, search for fabrics, sew, and
eat! And go to school.

Argh... Monday is still a time to calm down. Holy day for Irish culture. Mondays include
Irish beer, music and desperate tryings to make the perfect Irich coffee. Maybe next monday
I will succeed - thanks to Emma! :)

Asuni kuvastaa oikeastaan täydellisesti tätä viikkoa, vaikka maanantaina en vielä tiennytkään,
miten kauhea viikko tästä tulisi. Uupunut työläisnainen! 
But we can do it!

Ps: Rakastan noita housuja..!

(My outfit represents perfectly my week, though on monday I didn't
even know how horrible this week would be. Tired working woman! 
But we can do it!

Ps: I love those pants..!)

Happy weekend!


  1. This outfit is awesome. It looks like you stepped right out of a vintage advertisement. The head scarf is so cute :D

  2. More than that you dress amazing, you are so beautiful! Really like your pale look.

  3. LOVE that style! You are so cute! :) Hugs

  4. I love that shirt! Very cute outfit, one of my favourites!

    P x

  5. i love the pants here! this outfit is wonderful, you look great!

    lindsey louise

  6. We can do it! -Rosie the Riveter. Girlfriend you are riveting! I love your style more and more- you really are wonderful at expressing yourself. Have a drink at the pub tonight and cheers to me! Hugs!

  7. so cute and very Rosie the Riveter! I want a pair of pants like those!

  8. You're absolutely rocking the land girl look! You look perfect! And those trousers are a wonderful cut - wouldn't mind some like that myself.

    1. Thank you !! :) Ooh I adore those pants, such a great and lucky find! :)

  9. You look great! I adore your entire outfit, from the trousers to the head scarf!
    A little jealous to hear about that Irish coffee...sounds so good right now!

    1. thank you! It was good but It didn't came out right, it just looked like a coffee with milk. I don't know how to make it look perfect :D

  10. Everything about this land girl-esque look is so terrifically becoming on you, dear Sara. I so wish I could find a pair of classic trousers that looked a fraction as nice on me as those brown ones do on you. I really love your charming shamrock necklace, it reminds me of when I used to live in Ireland (for two years right after I was married).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Wow you've lived in Ireland? So cool, it would be a dreamful to me. And thank you !:)

  11. You seriously are too adorable in this outfit! You look like a dream in some darling trousers. Love it!


  12. Hi Sara! I love your look :) Casual fifties fit you very much!
    Thank you for following my blog, I'm following yours too. It is really interesting & lovely.


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