Saturday, January 19, 2013

How can Radha not be jealous?

Löysin sattumalta Youtubesta ihanan klipin intialaisesta elokuvasta nimeltä "Lagaan: once upon a 
time in India", ja ihastuin todella paljon elokuvan soundtrackiin. Olen kyllä jo muutaman vuoden ajan
tykännyt bollywood musiikista, mutta en ole elokuvia esimerkiksi katsonut. Tämä elokuva kuitenkin
kiinnitti huomioni, ja aion sen katsoakin joku päivä jahka on aikaa. Se kuitenkin kestää melkein
 4 tuntia. .. Oi niin ja intialaisnäyttelijätär Gracy Singh on niin mielettömän kaunis!

Katsotteko te Bollywood elokuvia? Olisiko ehdotuksia, klassikoita esimerkiksi?

(Translation: I found a clip from an Indian movie "Lagaan: once upon a time in India"
while surfing on Youtube, and I really fell in love with the soundtrack! I have liked Bollywood
music for few years, but I have never watched a movie. This movie caught my attention,
and I am going to watch it someday - when I have time. After all, it is almost 4 hour movie.
.. Ohh and Indian actress Gracy Singh is such a beauty!

Do you watch Bollywood movies? Any recommedations, classics for example?)

Asuni eiliseltä. Löysin kirpputorilta mustan kellohelmaisen kietaisuhameen ja tuon rintaneulan,
jonka voi kiinnittää myös hiuksiin. Toimivat hyvin yhdessä! Saa nähdä, näkyykö
tämänhetkinen Bollywood-innostukseni jonkun päivän asussa vielä joskus.

(My outfit from yesterday. I found that black circle skirt and a brooch (hair clip also) 
from the thrift store few days ago, and they work well together. We'll see, if my current 
enthusiasm for Bollywood will be seen in my outfit some day. We'll see. :)

Joonaksella oli kaapissa piilossa pari Arabian Kirsikkakuppia, mutta minun mielestäni nämä ovat
liian söpö pari pidettäväksi pimeän ja pölyisen kaapin ovien takana. 
Ne ovat niin upeita, ja minun tyylisiäni! :)
(Joonas had couple of Arabia cherry coffeecups hidden in a cabinet.. I think these are too cute
to be kept behind the doors of a dark and dusty place. So cool, and my style!)

Hänellä oli kaapissa myös tällainen kirsikkalautanen - niin söpö!
(He also had this kind of cherry plate in the cabinet - so cute!)

Joonas oli tehnyt minulle töissä vahasta maailman söpöimmät sienikorvikset :D
Sain juuri pari lisäelämää. Haha.
(Joonas made the cutest mushroom earrings in the world, for me, at work :D
I just got couple of extra lifes. Haha.)


  1. Sara, you are darling!! I love that outfit! And fun to see the surroundings in the room. I agree about the coffee cups! Bring them out of hiding!


  2. You look so pretty in that lovely outfit, Sara, and the cameo brooch is the perfect finishing touch.

  3. Wonderful pics, dear Sara. I bet you are covered by snow.
    Take care

    1. haha yes, we just had more and more snow :D
      Thanks !:) xx

  4. I have never watched Bollywood movies, so I cannot help you with movie tips! By the way, I love your look and your cute earrings! haha


  5. That outfit is amazing, I love the mustard cardigan with the bow tie and wide circle skirt. Also, those earrings are awesome! I haven't really seen that many Bollywood films so I'm sorry to say I don't have any to recommend :D

  6. OMG I love that movie! Lagaan is an amazing movie you must must watch it (I didn't even like cricket back then!). There are some good Indian movies depending on your mood! Ghajini (2008) is a good action thriller, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) is a romcom, and Water (2005) is a good rather westernised Indian drama! Hope you'll be able to find them, I grew up watching a lot of Indian movie so I'm totally addicted!

    I really like that skirt you're wearing, such a great full skirt and it has a nice shape to it!


    1. That is so cool! Now I want to watch Lagaan even more ! And I will definitely search for more Indian movies after I have watched that :) Thank you for your recommendations !

  7. Ohhhh, I can't decide which I adore more, your mustard cardigan, cameo adorned bow, or super cute toadstool earrings (the original Nintendo system will always be my favourite gaming system). You look so wonderfully darling, dear Sara.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. They screen Bollywood films in my local cinema but I just find they are so long! I can't sit still for that long!! I love your Mario earrings!What a cute home made present!

    Emma x

    1. Oh I wish they would show bollywood movies here too :D Haha! I love those earrings too !

  9. You are so cute Sara! You wrote that you would like to see how I do my hair and I have some videos!
    Hugs! :)

    1. Thank you very much, Carrå! :) I have never used such kind of pins to curl my hair, I think I will try that out! :)

  10. Sooooo many cute things in this post!!! I don't know what to comment on first! ;)
    Your circle skirt looks so rich and warm...very pretty! And that cameo bow at your collar is too beautiful...I want one like that! Those mugs are absolutely perfect! I can picture you sipping a hot drink out of them so daintily...The mushroom earrings are fantastic! You pull them off so well!!!


    1. Aw thank you Caitlin! :) Yes I like those cherry cups so much too!

  11. I adore Bollywood movies and love this outfit! Devdas is unmissable as is Sholay! x

    1. Thank you Vix for the recommendations !:)

  12. i love bollywood. more the music than the movies ('sometimes happy, sometimes sad' was the first i saw, still my fav). bollywood dancing is a great work out and it's so fun! sadly my sick foot doens't want to dance ... before i hurt it i attended my third bolly dance class.

    1. Sorry to hear that you are not able to bolly dance! I think it would be fun, but I don't think I would be very good :/

  13. me again ... devdas is great. vix is right.
    ... most of the old movies with cute actress kajol are romantic and lovely and fun.
    and i really love to read indian literature! there were times in my life i didn't read anything else. if you like i can tell you some writers names.

    1. Devdas seemed really interesting, I watched the trailer ! :) I would love to see costume dramas, historical ones. And read too! :)

  14. Absolutely beautiful outfit - love the little bow! The cherry coffee cups are absolutely gorgeous. Vix is teh Bollywood expert - they are all fabulous to me!

    Sarah xxx


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