Thursday, January 10, 2013

C'est si bon.

Sain juuri tänne kotiini kasan LP-levyjäni kaverilta lainasta, ja voi että, Leif Waferin
"Romanssi" on niin hunajaa! Siinä on biisi jonka haluaisin soitettavan häissäni - jos joskus
sellaiset saan. Olen kuunnellut Wagerin albumia tässä samalla pelatessani Monopolya (voitin!!) ja
tehden powerpoint esitystä 50-luvusta. Sitä on niin ihanaa tehdä, oppii paljon uutta ihanasta
muodin vuosikymmenestä. Erityisesti "New look" ja Dior kiehtovat minua kovin.

En tiedä johtuuko hyväntuulisuuteni vain siitä, että voitin juuri pelissä, mutta olen todella
inspiroitunut ja iloinen. Haluaisin ommella ja suunnitella vaatteita! Ihana fiilis.

(Translation: I just got back a pile of LP records, which I borrowed to my friend, and oh dear
how much I adore Leif Wager and his song "Romanssi"! It is the kind of song I want to dance
as my wedding dance - if I ever get married. I have listened Wager's record a lot now, while playing 
Monopoly (I won!!) and while writing a powerpoint presentation of the 50s fashion. I love to
do it, I learn a lot about the fabulous era of fashion. "New look" and Dior especially fascinates me.

I don't know if my great mood is because of the game I won, but I am so inspired and happy.
I want to sew and design clothes! Lovely feeling.)

Wearing: Thrifted

Eilisen asua! Ei ehkä ihan shortsikeli keskellä talvea, mutta minkäs tyttö inspiraatiolleen voi.
Olo oli kuin Onnellinen ministeri-elokuvan kohtauksesta, jossa Birgit Kronström laulaa
"Katupoikien laulua".

(Yesterday's look! It's freezing and winter and I still wear shorts, but what else a girl can do than
 follow her inspiration? I feel like I popped out from one scene of "Onnellinen ministeri"-movie, 
where Birgit Kronström sings about guttersnipes.)


  1. Hello Sara,

    I love your blouse, it's a sophisticated style with a classic vintage feel:) i've never watched 'Onnellinen ministeri' but I'm sure that song must be nice.


    1. Thank you Lorena! "Onnellinen ministeri" is a finnish movie from 1941, and the song is called "Katupoikien laulu", you can check out the scene here: :) Hope you like it, I adore that song!

  2. I love the pussy bow blouse paired with the shorts- very sophisticated, and fun!

  3. I love a pussybow blouse! I have two, one a silk Lily White's one, and one is a modern Western check one. Oh, just remembered I also have a red polkadot one. Three then, not two! I shall have to wear mine soon.

    Porcelina x

  4. I love that red blouse, so pretty on you!

    Dear Sara, I would like to pass The Liebster award on to you. I was just awarded it and had to choose 11 other blogs with a readership of less than 300 to pass the award to.

    No worries if it is not something you are interested in, I just wanted to pass it along to you as I so enjoy your lovely blog.

    Details of the award and how it works can be found back on my blog at

    Emalina x

    1. Thank you Emalina, I am honoured for the award !:)

  5. What a cheerful, fun outfit! I never buy or wear shorts because I hate my knees (my kneecaps are quite small it makes my knees/legs in general look bigger than they are, I think), but you know - and I never thought of this idea before - black tights might be one way to get away with them, as they really do help slim the leg (and knee!). Thank you for the awesome idea, dear Sara!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! Oh I am so glad I inspired you! I don't like to show my legs too much either, but with tights they don't look so bad even when I'm wearin shorts :)

  6. Love that pussybow blouse - such a great fit and colour!


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