Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interview in "i'm a vintage bee" !

Maria "i'm a vintage bee"-blogista haastatteli minua postaukseensa!
Voit lukea sen täältä. :)
Maria aloitti juuri viikoittaisen sarjan, jossa haastattelee eri blogaajia, ja sain kunnian
olla ensimmäinen haastateltava. Suuret kiitokset Marialle!
Kannattaa ehdottomasti myös tsekkailla hänen blogiaan muutenkin, hänen tyylinsä on todella
herttainen ja inspiroiva, ja hän on suloinen persoona :)

(Translation: Good morning!
I was interviewed by Maria of "i'm a vintage bee"!
You can read the interview here. :)
Maria started a new segment where she interviews other bloggers every saturday, and
I had an honour to be the first! Big thanks and hugs to Maria!
And I recommend you to check out her blog and her style, it is so sweet and inspiring, 
and she has such a sweet personality :)

Tänään on joulukuun ensimmäinen päivä.
Lunta on satanut sopivasti maahan, ja fiilis on aika jouluinen.
Joulukalenteria minulla ei vieläkään ole, mutta rakkaani lupasi käydä sen tänään
minulle ostamassa! :)

Ihanaa joulun odotusta!

(It's 1st December today.
We had snow last night, what a perfect timing! I can't wait for christmas.
I don't own a christmas calendar yet, but my sweetheart promised to get one for me
today. :)

Happy christmas!)


  1. Thank you Sara for doing the interview and for the kind and sweet words!

    Love, Maria

  2. i just read your interview, it was wonderful! i also love the idea for the interview, it's perfect for a blog update.

    lindsey louise

  3. How absolutely lovely! Many happy congrats on being the first blogger featured in this new interview series. I sometimes find that when you're interviewed one place, you quickly get hit with another (and sometimes so on) from a different site, too. It's like you "trend" for a while, and it's such a wonderful feeling, so I hope that happens for you as well, honey. You - and your fantastic style - certainly deserve to have oodles of press come your way.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Looking forward to reading that interview :)


  5. Congrats for the interview! You look amazing in this lovely shirt. Here we are at 11º and when in the evening it's 5º I think it's horrible, so when I saw your last post saying there is so much cold I think I'm lucky ;)

    1. Thank you ! Yes you are very lucky indeed !:D


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