Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas eve in a pretty dress.

Jouluaattomme on sujunut todella hitaasti. Söimme aamulla jouluruuan, sillä vanhemmillani on iltavuorot. 
Yleensä se on syöty illalla ennen saunomista ja lahjojen avaamista. Olemme tänään Joonaksen kanssa 
pelanneet Aliasta, syöneet herkkuja, katsoneet TV:tä ja ottaneet nokosia. Siitä huolimatta kello on vasta 
seitsemän paikkeilla. Lahjat avaamme, kun isä tulee töistä yhdentoista aikaan illalla. Olo on kuin lapsella, 
kärsivällisyyttämme koetellaan pahasti.

Ostin itselleni joululahjaksi Ebaysta repromekon rockabillyhenkeen. Kangas ei ole tosiaankaan hyvää, mutta
kyllä tuota pitää yllään. Ajattelin, että teen sen pohjalta taitojen karttuessa kaavat, ja valmistan samanlaisen 
mekon paremmasta kankaasta. Pidän tuosta mallista todella paljon ja olen haaveillut mekosta, jossa on 
tuollaiset laskokset helmassa. Se on oikein sievä, siispä sen puin ylleni nyt jouluaaton kunniaksi.

(Translation: It feels like this Christmas eve never ends. In Finland we celebrate Christmas mostly in 
the eve. We ate our festive dinner in the morning, because my parents have evening shifts. Usually 
we eat Christmas dinner in the evening, before bathing in sauna and opening presents. We have 
played games, eating sweets, watching telly and taking naps. We will open the presents when dad 
comes back from work at 11pm. I feel like a child, our patience is being tested.

I bought myself a rockabilly dress from Ebay, as a christmas present. The fabric isn't high quality 
obviously, but it is wearable. I think I will make new patterns out of it and sew a dress just like this, 
with better fabric. I like its silhouette a lot, and I've been dreaming of a dress like this. I think it's 
very pretty, so I decided to wear it today, on Christmas eve.)

My bigsister created this kind of gingerbread house this year!

Red wine and chocolates. Later in the evening we will try out Irish coffees with Joonas! I wonder how it will turn out, as this is my first time...

Rauhallista jouluaattoiltaa!


  1. Merriest Christmas wishes, dear Sara!!! You look so beautiful (you must have been freezing out there in the snow with bare arms - so brave of you to put up with the weather all in the name of fashion photography!) in your new pin-up/rockabilly style dress. I really love the skirt on that. The little kick pleats and buttons are a marvelous touch.

    From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a magical, endlessly happy holiday celebration, my friend!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you dear Jessica! :) Yes it was very cold, about -20 to -25 degrees, we took those photos in a hurry with my big sister :D

  2. I think my friend Jo has the same foxy frock!
    You look gorgeous, and yes indeed, the fabrics used for the repro frocks are often poor quality, but you are looking at this in a positive light and taking inspiration from it!

    1. Thank you Helga! At least I didn't buy this frock for nothing ^^

  3. I love your hair color! =)

  4. You are so lovely my gorgeous friend- that dress hugs all the right curves. I am so impressed that you sew! Wishing you a wonderful and happy New Year!

  5. The snow is so beautiful and the gingerbread house is amazing! Sarah xxx

  6. That's such a pretty dress Sara!
    Happy Holidays!


  7. That i indeed a beautiful dress! I hope you had a nice Christmas :)

    1. Thank you Mrs. D! :) My christmas was magical!


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