Thursday, November 15, 2012

SEWING - Sweetheart -dress.

Tein tänään toisen mekkoni. Löysin kangaskaupasta aivan ihanaa sydänkangasta, ja pitihän
siitä jotain saada tehtyä. Halusin ehdottomasti kokeilla tehdä kellomekkoa 50-luvun tyyliin.
Kaavoja minulla ei ollut lainkaan, enkä jaksanut niitä edes itse tehdä. Siispä otin riskin
ja tein mekon ilman kaavoja. Helppoahan se ei ollut, mutta lopputulos on vallan ihana.
Virheiltähän en tietenkään voinut välttyä, mutta ne eivät niin selkeästi erotu.

(Translation: Hello! I made my second dress today. I found this beautiful red fabric with
hearts, and I really wanted to make something out of it. I wanted to try out 50s circle dress.
I didn't have any patterns and I was too lazy to make them myself. So I took a risk and made
this dress without the patterns. It wasn't easy, but I really love the result.
I did make few mistakes but they are quite unseen.)

Tässä muutamia luonnoksia mekosta, jonka halusin tehdä. Alunperin ei ollut siis tarkoitus
tehdä halterneckia, mutta se sopi mekon henkeen paljon paremmin.
(Here are few sketches of the dress I wanted to make. I wasn't meant to do a halterneck, but
it suited a lot better for this dress.)

Valmistin mekon koulun ompeluluokassa.
(I made this dress at school, in our sewing classroom.)

 Nyt rupean pelaamaan Lord of the Rings Onlinea.. Ollaan Joonaksen kanssa
täysin koukussa. Ja yhdessä on niin paljon hauskempaa pelata!
(And now I'll play Lord of the Rings Online.. We are so hooked with it, Joonas and I.
And together it is so much more fun to play!)

How was your day? :)


  1. Wow - it is really lovely, congrats on the beautyful result!
    I have a thought! Maybe you could do a video-tutorial on how to make the cirkle skirt, or maybe the dress? I would really love to see that :o)


    1. Thank you ! :) Oh I am too shy to make a video or tutorials, but maybe some day when I have gained more experience, then I will think about it :)

    2. Then I will look forward to it in the future :o)

  2. Very infatuating outfit! Take care!

  3. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! Well done you! You look stunning in it too :)

  4. Oh Sara! I am loving this to death..and yes you should do a tutorial... I wish I am your neighbor or live within your city so I can ask you to make a dress for me and pay you. :)

    Love, Maria

    1. Thank you Maria ! Oh I am not that good :D But I hope that within a year I will be good enough to sew for customers :)

  5. Your dress is fantastic! Beautifully made! Well done! :D

  6. What an amazing dress, you are so talented.

  7. wow very pretty, I love the fabric (and the earrings)!

  8. This is is so, so splendidly sweet and adorable! Awwww, it's truly a charming creation, Sara, awesome work!

    ♥ Jessica


    I recently bought a cute 1980s does 1940s dress in a remarkably similar red and white heart pattern. I'm probably going to wait and debut it next Valentine's Day.

    1. Thank you !:) Oh I'm looking forward to see what kind of dress it is going to be on valentine's day !:))

  9. It's GORGEOUS - you're so clever! Love it especially with the bandanna. Sarah xxx

  10. This is so nice! Your sewing looks so precise and detailed! I always get so impatient with my attempts!


  11. Hello! I just found your blog, and I have to say, I love your outfits! They are so pretty and feminine. :) I think it is so cool that you made this dress without a pattern. I have been sewing for about a year and a half, and though I have sewn a lot of dresses, I have not attempted to draft my own bodice. I can draft skirts pretty easily, but not bodices.
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and I look forward to your reading more from you. :)

    1. Thank you Molly for your kind comment ! I am glad you like my outfits :)

  12. Total genius, you rock that frock! x

  13. I can't believe how amazing you are with sewing! I'm still sewing from patterns, I'm too scared to either make my own patterns or sew without one! That dress is fabulous! You're not a pro are you? :)


    1. Thank you ! I started to study sewing this fall, so I am definitely a beginner with this :)

  14. Blogisi on aivan ihana, rakastan asujasi ja oikein kadehdin, että osaat ommella niitä itse :) Tiedän, että tämä on vanha postaus, mutta silti oikein kiva lueskella. Luin ja katsoin muutamaa aiempaa postausta myös ja aivan ihania ovat :)


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