Friday, November 16, 2012

Real wild child

Tänään olisi luvassa 50-luvun teemailtaa pienellä porukalla, myöhemmin nimittäin
Amarilloon, Rock n' Roll Jamboree! Mukana minun suosikkini King Rebel & Ramblers!
Tulee varmasti hauska ilta! Nähdään!!:)

(Translation: Today we are having 50s theme party, later we will head to Amarillo, Rock n' Roll
Jamboree, featuring my favourite King Rebel & Ramblers! I bet this will be a great
night! See you !!)


  1. So pretty! I love that nifty 50's vibe.

  2. Have fun! I loved your outfit :)


  3. this dress looks so cute ... hope you had a great 50s night out.

  4. WOW! You'll be the princess of the night!

  5. That dress is AMAZING! It looks so go gorgeous with your colouring, and of course your hair is perfect as always! Hope you have a fantastic time at the party, it sounds like a lot of fun :D

  6. That sounds fantastic! Hope you have an awesome night - and weekend, sweet Sara.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. you look so lovely! hope you had fun.

  8. The dress is beautiful and you did a really good job making it! Love it! I'm sure you had a wonderful time dancing in it too! :) Thank you for the lovely comment sweety. I'm now following you on Facebook too!
    May x

  9. this is so beautiful and i adore your hair! i really, really want to learn how to sew but i have no teacher and little time :( i have a sewing machine though and just want the confidence to start trying circle skirts etc in 2013! you can be my sewing inspiration :) xox

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! :) Oh I must say that circle skirts are propably the easiest skirts to make, you can find lots of instructions from the internet :)


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