Monday, November 26, 2012

'ello hello, Elvis

Olen taas niin rakastunut Elvis Presleyhyn. Löysin kirpputorilta muutama päivä sitten ihanan
kuvan Elviksestä eurolla, ja kannettuani sen kotiin en ole juuri muuta kuunnellutkaan kuin
tämän romanttisia biisejä. Parasta oli, kun perjantaina rockabillykeikalla kuultiin juuri niitä
kipaleita. Ihanaa ihanaa! Minulla ja kaverillani meni aika lujaa sinä iltana, sillä olimme ottaneet
tuon kuvan mukaamme keikalle. Yhteiskuvia Elviksen kanssa tuli myös otettua, mutta enpä tiedä
uskallanko niitä täällä jakaa.. :D
Elvis on kuningas.

(Translation: I've fallen in love with Elvis Presley, once again. I found that beautiful photo
of him from the flea marker, and after I carried it home, I've listened nothing but his
romantic songs. The best part was that we heard some of those songs at the rockabilly gig which
I went to see last friday. Lovely! My classmate and I had quite a time, because we took that photo
with us to watch the gig.. We took lots of photos with "the framed Elvis", but I don't think I will
share them with you.. :D 
Elvis is the king.)

Wearing: Thrifted, thrifted, thrifted... and thrifted

Olen ollut niin joulufiiliksissä, että kävin ostamassa itselleni enkelikellon.
Enkelikellot ovat niin nostalgisia ja kauniita! Niistä kuuluu todella kaunis ääni, vaikka
minua vähän pelottaa polttaa noita kynttilöitä. Olen todella varovainen muutenkin kaiken
palavan kanssa.

(I am so excited about christmas, so I went to buy myself "Angel chimes". Angel Chimes are so 
nostalgic and enchanting! they makes such a beautiful noice, even though I am quite afraid to use it.
 I am always so nervous around candles!)


 Are you having a christmas mood yet?


  1. The name of your blog describes this look PERFECTLY: ladylike delicacy. I LOVE this.


  2. Love your dress and bag! Elvis would fall for you in a second ;)

    And I'm not quite to Christmas mood yet...I'm still decorating my new apartment in general! But I do already know where I'm putting my tree...


  3. You are such a lovely woman, Sara! I LOVE your look as usual- I never will tire of your "thrifted thrifted thrifted" and awesome style.

    1. Haha yeah I'm bored to write all the things down what I am wearing, as everything is always thrifted :D Thank you !

  4. Stylish as usual, and there's a bit of beautiful sadness in your eyes, and in Scandinavia we like melancholy, right?

    1. Thank you ! Yes indeed, and it's quite difficult for me to smile in the photos, I think it looks too fake.. :D

  5. Voi mikä ihanuus tuo mekko! rakastuin!

  6. I do love you in polka dots! x

  7. I love that dress on you, really beautiful and graceful.

  8. That's so charming! :) I like a Elvis a lot, too, and I think my interest in him and his music (and movies) can be traced back to my paternal grandmother, who was a teenager in the 1950s, and had/has been a huge fan of Mr. Presley ever since. Interestingly, I just posted about him today, too, which is such neat timing, as I've not often spoken about Elvis on my blog.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you ! Yes, I read your post about Elvis and your enchanting experience, it was so cool!! :)

  9. What a cute dress!

    I love Elvis!

    I love Christmas!!

    Porcelina xx

  10. Elvis would have been so proud.
    You look glorious, dear Sara.


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