Friday, November 9, 2012

Casual outfit - for a casual day?

Kun pitää herätä kouluun kuudelta aamulla, ei ole juurikaan kiinnostusta panostaa
pukeutumiseen eikä kampaukseen. Nappasin vain jotain kaapin perukoilta, joten tällainen
oli asuni tänään. Hyvin tavallinen, mutta aloin tuossa päivän aikana pitää siitä kovin.
Juuri sen takia ajattelin napsaista parit kuvat, kun kerran oli vielä vähän luonnonvaloa jäljellä.
Ei minun aina tarvitsekaan olla aina niin laittautunut. Nyt tiedän, että fiilis voi olla hyvä vähän 
arkisemmalla ja mukavallakin asulla tällaisina päivinä. Ja pimenee niin nopeasti, ettei esimerkiksi 
neljältä enää pysty kovin hyviä asukuvia ottamaan. Talven kirouksia. Lumi onneksi heijastaa valoa 
tuolla ulkona.

(Translation: When I have to wake up 6am in the morning, I am not really in the mood for
dressing up and doing my hair. I just grab couple pieces of clothings from my closet, and this
was the result. It is very casual, but somehow during the day I started to like it very much. Even
though this outfit isn't uncomfortable like my outfits usually are! That's why I wanted to take a 
picture. I don't always need to be all-so-dressed-up. I know now I can feel great while wearing 
something casual, and comfortable.
Also, it gets so dark very soon, and today my school ended 2pm so I had time to take these before the 
dark. When it's 4pm, there's no daylight left and I don't get good photos. Just look at my previous 
posts. Curses of the Winter. I am glad that at least the snow lightens the ground up a bit.)

Polka dot blouse thrifted
Yellow skirt vintage
Red scarf thrifted
Red cardigan thrifted


  1. Following your blog now, so cute, love the skirt you made a while ago, very talented!

  2. Oikein sievä asu :) Ihana keltainen hame!

  3. You have the most impeccable eye for style, sweet gal. Even though you describe this outfit as just being tossed together on the fly, it's thoroughly beautiful and looks fantastic on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit, I love how put together and feminine it is while still being casual and comfortable! It makes me think that I need more skirts and tops in my wardrobe for days when I don't feel like dressing up.

  5. Oh Sara, this outfit looks good on you. I love the polka dot top!
    you look lovely as always.

    Love, Maria

  6. Beautiful and delicate.
    have a lovely weekend, sara

  7. love everything here :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  8. Lovely polka :)
    Do you wanna follow each other?
    Kisses, Denis.

  9. You are just radiant! I absolutely adore your hair colour- what colour were going to dye it? Orange again or darker?

    Your outfit is beautiful, even casual you look amazing!

    1. Thank you Lillian! I will dye it a little bit more orange again, though a lot of people have thought that this red-ish is my natural hair colour :)

  10. Your casual is still a million times lovelier than most people's! x

  11. Love the poka dot blouse cause I love polka dots in any way. The skirt has a great shape and the head scarf completes everything. Well done!

  12. love this outfit. doesn't looks too casual. it's the perfecr outfit for everyday (going to the office, shopping, having a drink after work ... i would wear it right away).

  13. I love the polka dot blouse Sara! I have one similar except the dots are smaller. I love wearing a headscarf on days when I don't have time or don't feel like doing my hair. It automatically makes me look put together!

    Emma x

    1. Thank you Emma! I do agree with you about the headscarf !:)

  14. I like your outfit so much. I m at 7h in the mornig on my legs. And every outfit on my blog are made in 7h. Hate that but I must. I always find some minutes for hair :)

  15. Replies
    1. Yes !:D I am usually a lot more dressed up :D Thanks!


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