Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ooby Dooby. - Monstrous shoes!

Perjantai oli loistava päivä! Löysin kirpputorilta kivoja vaatteita, ja uudet kengät
4,5 eurolla. Kengät olivat täysin käyttämättömät, ja niin söpön rumat että niitä en 
voinut jättää ostamatta! Ehkä ne purivat edellistä omistajaa niin, että luopui niistä heti.
Itse sain kuitenkin kesytettyä nämä monsterit aika nopeasti, sillä ne ovat todella hyvät
kävellä ja tanssia.

(Translation: Friday was a blast! I found great items from the thrift store, including
new shoes. Only cost 4,5€ and they were completely unused, and so ugly - in a cute way,
that I couldn't leave them behind! Maybe they bit the previous owner, there's no other reason why
anyone could sell these with so low price. But luckily I tamed these monsters
immediately, because these are great for walk and dance.)

Mutta, tässä asussa olin liikkeellä toissapäivänä. Kävin siis katsastamassa King Rebel & Ramblersin
keikan Jet Setissä ihanan ystäväni Katan kanssa. Kuten odottaa saattoi, keikka oli aiivan mieletön!
Kuten oli viimekin kerralla! Tanssittiin ja twistailtiin koko ilta, kellohameet heilahtivat ja 
victory rollsini ovat yhä tiukasti päässä, hyvin pysyneet nukuttujen öidenkin jälkeen. 

(I was wearing this outfit on friday. I went to see local rockabilly group King Rebel & Ramblers, with
 my loveliest friend Kata. And as I expected, the gig was magnificent ! As it was last time! We danced 
and twisted all night long, circle skirts twirled and I still have my victory rolls
on perfectly.)

Isä kävi kylässä, toi minulle pari taulua. Toinen on Jalmari Ruokokosken etsaus,
ja Nefertiti -muotokuva on äitini tekemä maalaus minulle! Eikö olekin ihana??
( My dad made a visit and brought me two paintings. The other one is etching by
Jalmari Ruokokoski, and the other one is a portrait of Nefertiti. My mother painted it for
me about 8 years ago. Isn't it stunning??)

Ystäväni Kata ja minä
(My friend Kata and me)

Kävin eilen katsomassa toista keikkaa, Punainen Kiuas -yhtyettä Old Dogissa.
Näin heidät viimeksi vuosi sitten, mutta siitä keikasta kirjoittelen myöhemmin :)

(I also went to see yesterday a music group Punainen Kiuas, at Old Dog. Last time I saw
them one year ago, and I will write about that gig later :)
And sorry about my english in this post, I was in a hurry!)


  1. You look gorgeous as always and what an adorable skirt.

    I like the shoes. I had similar ones when I was in school - age 15/16 maybe? Odd to think I used to think nothing of walking over a mile to school and back in heels and now I can't cope in them for more than 5 minutes!

    Nikki x

  2. You look fantastic, my dear! Those shoes are chunky indeed, but they're really quite cool and tow the line between costume-y and surprisingly easy to wear any with any number of outfits, as this super fun circle skirt outfit clearly demonstrates.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Nice outfit and lovely shoes :)

  4. Hi Sara! I started a comment, but my computer screen flashed away and went to another screen (must have been typing too fast!) so if you get two here, just ignore one! I think your English is great! I can only imagine being able to speak more than one language! Your outfit is absolutely adorable! I love the skirt; and I have been wanting to find a crinoline for some of my 50s style skirts! I will, I am sure. Just need to bump it up on the priority list. These things are important, you know! :)


    1. Thank you Lynn! :) Hope you find your crinoline!

  5. I like those shoes- good for you to rescue them from the shoppe!

  6. Love, love the cherry delight skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Adore your skirt :)

    xo Jennifer

  8. SUCH a pretty skirt! And I love your hairdo! I bet you captured a lot of attention that day! ;)
    And what a great find: cute shoes that also dance well! A treasure.


  9. Amei o primeiro vestido, é perfeito!
    Beijinhos e Bom Final de Semana!


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