Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sewing my first circle skirt ...

Jos kuulitte tänään aiemmin epätoivoisen naisen kiroilua ja itkua, se olin
muuten minä. Päätin ommella kellohameen tänään loppuun, vyötärön omalle paikalleen.
Ulkoa se näyttää kyllä ihan mukiinmenevältä, mutta jos katsoo yhtään sisäsaumoja ja kaikenmoisia 
virityksiäni ja käsiompeleitani hameen nurjalta puolelta ... Voih, mikä taistelutanner! Yritin siis 
korjata virheitäni ompelemalla niitä käsin kokoon, ja se näyttää entistä kurjemmalta. Mutta eihän se 
haittaa, eihän? Eihän hameissa sisäsaumoja tehdä ihailtaviksi.
Ainakin se on käyttökelpoinen!

(Translation: If you heard earlier today some desperate woman swearing and crying out loud, that
 was me. I decided to finish my very first circle skirt today, sewed the waist part.
My skirt looks quite okay when I'm wearing it, but if you take a look inside to its seams...
Oh dear, what a battlefield! It looks horrible! I tried to correct my bad mistakes by sewing them
by hand, and it looks even worse.. But it's okay, isn't it? I mean, seams on the wrong side
 are not meant to be seen and admired..
At least it is wearable!)

... Ja minustako joskus tulisi ompelijatar.. Voin sanoa, että sain totaalisen hermoromahduksen
tuota vyötäröä ommellessa. Helpoltahan se minusta kuulosti, mutta sitä se ei ollut. Ratkoja ei
olisi ollut pahitteeksi, sillä pariin otteeseen jouduin purkamaan koko ompeleen. Kylläpä
suututti! Kärsivällisyyttä minulla ei muutenkaan ole kovinkaan paljoa. Sitä varmaan
olisi parempi lisätä, jos ompelijattareksi tohdin. Kirjaimellisesti itkin, pistelin koko ajan
itseäni vahingossa nuppineuloilla.. :')

(..And I dream of becoming a seamstress.. I had a nervous breakdown when I tried to sew
the waist part. It sounded so easy to my ears, but it wasn't! I had to unpick the seams over and
over again. I was so pissed off! I need to grow more patience if I want to become a 
seamstress.. I was literally crying, I stinged myself all the time with the pins :'))



  1. It looks better than anything I've ever sewn. I tried to make a blouse but I somehow managed to make 3 armholes...

  2. I love the fabric! And it looks really beautiful, I cannot believe it looks like a battlefield inside haha

    1. If I wouldn't be too embarrassed, I would show the horrible seams here .. :D

  3. I think you've made a lovely job of it! No one but YOU will see the flaws! I have often cried over sewing...patience is not one of my virtues,but I'm trying! I've set myself a few sewing goals and am determined to achieve them without tears! XXX

    1. Thank you Helga! :) That's great! I should propably too set some goals, to learn the things of sewing I don't yet know, learn them with patience :)

  4. One would never have suspected this was your first attempt at a sewing a circle skirt, if you hadn't mentioned such. It turned out splendidly and looks absolutely beautiful on you, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. love the go raibh maith agat in your comments there, what inspired the gaelic?
    your skirt looks so beautiful. I am desperate to learn how to sew but get frustrated so easily so I feel your pain. Your skirt is a real achievement!

    1. Oh I love the language so much, I am desperate to learn it more :) and also everything about the celts and the irish :) Thank you for your comment!

  6. Love the floral fabric you choose and I think your finished product looks amazing.

  7. oh you'd never guess it was a battlefield- i think it came out gorgeous. i love how full it is.. and i totally feel your pain- i tried sewing something slightly pleated and it was a disaster. so. frustrating.

  8. Such a cute outfit dear! Love your style!
    Following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  9. cute skirt ... your so talented.

  10. Beautiful!! I think it turned out so nice... :) I'm sorry it was such a pain, but the result is soooooo prettyprettypretty!


  11. OH I am the worst seamstress in the world - my sewing machine has been stuck in reverse for a year so I have given up entirely!

    Your skirt is very pretty - I hope it gets easier with your next project!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah! Ooh no sorry about your sewing machine!

  12. For your first circle skirt - it's definitely an A+! I have recently picked up sewing too and can completely sympathise with the swearing, crying, and general frustration! LOVE! Can't wait to see more!

    PS. Following you now! Really want to see how your sewing adventure continues!

    Nora Finds


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