Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Pari viikkoa koulua takana, ja olen viihtynyt. Vaatetusala on ehdottomasti minun
alani. Harmittaa todella paljon, kun en tänään kouluun voinut jäädä. Minulla oli todella
huono olo, se tosin parani vähän kun söin jotain. En ole kovin hyvin syönyt viime
aikoina, mutta täytynee tehdä ruokaa jonkun kanssa yhdessä, niin ruokahalu saattaisi

(Translation: I've studied clothing business for two weeks now and I know that
this is the right one for me. Such a shame I couldn't be at school today for long, I
felt sick, but I felt better after I ate something at home. I haven't been eating very well lately,
but I think I should make food and eat with someone, so my appetite will grow.)

Olin tänään vain kotona ja olen siivonnut - tosin piti käydä ostamassa pari pitsistä
pöytäliinaa ja viinipullo huomista varten. Ystävättäreni tulee meille pariksi yöksi,
joten pitää jotain hauskaa keksiä. Ainakin suuntana olisi jossain vaiheessa Old Dog
Irish Pub. :)

(I have spent my day at home and clean the house - and I also went to buy two
lace table cloths and a bottle of red vine. My dear friend is coming tomorrow for couple
of nights, so I need to think something great to do. At last we will go together
to my favourite (and the only) irish pub in town, Old Dog!:)

Dotty headscarf a gift from my mom
Thrifted black suspenders
Thrifted striped nautical sweater
Jeans from JC
Cherry earrings a gift from my sister (Cybershop)

En ole ollut viime aikoina kovin inspiroitunut, anteeksi pienestä hiljaisuudesta.
Piti ottaa pientä taukoa, kun on ollut kaikkea muuta tässä välissä.

(I haven't been very inspired lately, sorry for that little break.
I wanted to take just a little break because I have had lots of things to do.)


  1. This is so beautiful! love the earrings!

  2. beautiful!love the striped top and the scarf on your head looks so pretty!

  3. Sometimes you just need a break to find your inspiration again! I love the cherry earrings! My sister has similar ones and I just think they are so cute! I hope you are enjoying your classes, O look forward to hearing all about them!

    Emma x

    1. Thank you! :) I surely am enjoying my classes, learning everything what I need to know about sewing, it makes me so happy :)

  4. Oh my goodness, what a CUTE outfit! I hope you feel better, soon! I'm sure your friend visiting will cure whatever is ailing you. :)

    Also: funny coincidence: this morning I put MY suspenders out to wear tomorrow!!! Maybe my next blog post will be with suspenders, too!


    1. Why thank you! :) That is great, I'm looking forward to see how you style your suspenders!! :)

  5. i love this retro inspired look..studying something we love is very important..

  6. You look delicious for someone with no apetite.
    Thank your so much for your warm welcome, my dear sara.

  7. just found your blog and i really like what i see here ... i follow as fast as i type.

  8. Love the earrings. The outfit looks so fresh and a little bit cheeky. Wonderful!


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