Thursday, July 5, 2012

"A child every year to you, and may you die in Ireland."

Löysin kirpputorilta aivan ihanan setin kolmella eurolla,
kaksi aitoa Irlantilaista Irish coffee pikaria alkuperäisessä pakkauksessaan - reseptin kera. Ehdoton
suosikkilöytöni vaatteiden ohella (tai Joonashan tämän kyllä maksoi, mutta otan kunnian 
löytämisestä:D)! Kuten ehkä huomattu on, olen suuri irlantilaisen kulttuurin
ihannoija, ja Irish coffeeta tulee tilattua Old Dog Irish Pubista rahatilanteen salliessa.
Se maku on jotain niin taivaallista! Nyt puuttuisi vain Jameson -viskiä, ja pääsisi
nauttimaan Irish coffeesta kotona.

(Translation: I found this amazing set from the thrift store, two Irish coffee goblets
in their original package - with a recipe. My favourite find along with the clothings
(though Joonas paid for it, but I take the honour of finding it :D) As you may have noticed,
I admire Irish culture, and I order Irish coffee once in a while when I visit Old Dog Irish pub.
That taste is so heavenly! Now I only need Jameson whiskey, and I can enjoy
Irish coffee at home.)

Ainesosan määrä on kirjattu lasiin niin, että jopa minä huomaan nyt, kuinka
paljon mitäkin tulee todella laittaa lasiin. Loistavaa!
(I can see from the goblet how much whiskey and coffee I need to
add to the Irish coffee, fantastic!)

And a question for you in legal age to drink alcohol:
Do you like Irish coffee, have you ever tasted it?


  1. hi sara, thanks for your lovely comment, i love that song too, i walked through temple bar yesterday, i dont know if you have heard of this place its a famous place in the heart of dublin and its full of tradtional pubs and molly malone was blaring out from one of the pubs, you would have loved it, if you want me to send you annthing from dublin just let me know and i will be happy to do it for you, i love irish coffees too, havent had one in a while im a bacardi and coke girl, jameson is a great whiskey alright, very popular here as is most alcohol!!!! us irish do like a drink, i was out last night and had a great night, singing and dancing till 2am. I have another party tonight, and its going to be a very very long night, hope you are having a great weekend, kisses from a surprisingly sunny dublin today, xxx leonie

    1. Thank you fo your nice comment! :) I have heard about Temple bar and what a blast would it be to go there! :) We Finns are also quite good when it comes to drinking, people always say that it's the thing that's common between Irish and Finns :)

  2. What a great find Sara! We always have Irish coffees at Christmas, it's a bit of a tradition for us. My dad makes them for everyone. Hope you enjoy yours!

    Emma x

    1. That's cooool! I wish that would become our tradition as well, when I have my own family :D

  3. Woow I didn´t know that Irish coffee was so special!! honestly I don´t drink coffee I prefer tea :D

    1. Yeah, it is very good when it's well made with right ingredients! It's not very good in every place, some put too much whiskey, but in our local irish pub they make perfect Irish coffee with right amount of ingredients :)


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