Saturday, June 30, 2012

Miss Piggy.

Tohmajärven perinteisten Potsipäivien kunniaksi puin ylleni ainoan possunpunaisen 50-luvun 
mekkoni, mustalla tyllialushameella ja asusteilla. Jottei asuni olisi ollut liian juhlallinen, pistin 
kaulaani punaisen huivin - mustaa huivia kun ei mukaan sattunut. Muillakin näytti markkinoilla
olevan possujuhlaan sopivaa pinkkiä yllä.

(Due to Tohmajärvi's traditional Potsipäivät I put on my only 50's piggy pink
dress, with black petticoat and accessories. So that my outfit would not be too formal,
I wore a red scarf too - I didn't have a black one with me. Other people seemed to wear a lot of
pink too at the market square, 'cause after all "Potsi" means "a pig".)

Vintage 50s pink dress
thrifted black petticoat
vintage leather purse
thrifted black gloves
thrifted black T-strap high heels
Red dotty scarf a gift from my mom

Kaunis päivä on ollut, illalla vielä tanssimaan Ravintola Wäkään.
Oltais muuten lähdetty lavatansseille Janne Hurmeen tahdittamana, mutta 15 euron
liput tuntuivat liian kalliilta meille. Siispä Wäkä kutsuu jälleen, kuten eilisiltanakin.. :)

(It has been a lovely day, we'll head later to Restaurant Wäkä, to dance. Of course waltzing at the 
local dance pavilion would sound beautiful, but 15 euros is too much for us to pay for the ticket right
 now. Luckily there's always lovely Wäkä calling for us, like yesterday evening.. :)

Photos by Joonas


  1. Oh my god u are just so beautiful.i just love this dress on u its so gorgeous. I know some of the vintage can be exspensive im alwsys on line seeing these amazing drrsses its awful . I wish i could buy them all but just not possible. U look really beautiful sara hope u had good time it looks so lovely there kisses from dublin xx leonie

    1. Thank you so much Leonie! I am all the time browsing pretty vintage dresses on etsy, and dreaming that "when I have money I'll buy that, and that .. and that!" :) x

  2. Very pretty 50's dress!


  3. Lovely vintage dress.
    I am your new follower,hope you will follow me also.

  4. The dress is just gorgeous. Well done - great find!

  5. Gorgeous dress, and I love the addition of the scarf- you wear it well!

  6. You look so beautiful, that dress is a dream. x


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