Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brown butterflies and feathers.

Ylihuomenna keräännymme ystävien kesken poikaystäväni Joonaksen luokse juhlimaan
juhannusaattoa; teemme siskon kanssa herkullisen kakun, hedelmäsalaatin ja juomapuolen
hoitaa jokainen itse. Iltamyöhään siirrymme Jokiasemalle katsomaan juhannuskokkoa.

(Translation: The day after tomorrow we'll celebrate Midsummer day's eve at my boyfriend Joonas' 
flat. My sister and I will bake a cake, create a fruit salad and drinkings people buy themselves.
In the evening we will head to Jokiasema to watch Midsummer bonfire.)

Butterfly dress - thrifted
Brown wool hat with feathers - thrifted
Brown bow (for men) - thrifted
Brown leather t-strap high heels - vintage

Juhannukset ovat olleet aika kamalia viime vuosina, kun olen ne Nurmeksessa viettänyt.
Tällä kertaa en todellakaan aio sitä siellä viettää, onhan juhannus kuitenkin sellainen juhla, jolloin
pitää nauttia elämästä ja kokea jotain ihanaa. Ja kuten olen joskus saattanut mainita, kotikaupungistani
tulee mieleen vain ne huonot muistot eikä kiinnosta juhlamieltä pilata ärsyttävien ihmisten
näkemisellä - sellaisia Bomballa nimittäin riittää varmasti..

(Midsummer days have been horrible to me before, when I have celebrated them in Nurmes.
This time I will not spend the evening there, because Midsummer day is the kind of fest you should
enjoy your life and experience something wonderful. And as I've mentioned before, Nurmes - my
hometown - brings my mind the bad memories and I don't want to ruin my celebrations
by seeing irritating people - and I would definitely ran into them in Bomba..)

By the way, Bella of The Citizen Rosebud wrote a blog post about me!
She's so sweet!! <3

 Hope you'll have a great Summer solstice and Midsummer day!


  1. LOVE the butterfly dress! So sweet.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  2. Fantastic ensemble- I love the bow tie!

  3. I've never been on your blog before but I love it. Brilliant outfit and photos.


  4. As usual I LOVE your outfit! What a wonderful vintage dress- and the detail of the bow tie is too adorable for words! Have fun this Midsummer- I am celebrating by purchasing a pair of cute clogs from The red ones!

    1. Thank you dear Bella! Have a great Midsummer and enjoy your new clogs :) xx

  5. Such a pretty dress! I just love your style so much, you are so pretty!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful celebration! You look beautiful, that dress is so pretty and ladylike and the hat is stunning. x

  7. I just read Cameron's feature on you at 33 Avenue Milquelon. Wonderful feature, congrats! <3

  8. Voi miten hurjan ihana tyyli sulla on!

  9. hi sara, iv been going through your fabulous blog and i see you have a huge interest in ireland and the pub culture, i have to say iv been a frequent visitor (every weekend) for the last 24 years and still go out every saturday night and i never tire of it, they really can be great fun, my friends and i have had some memorable nights in the dublin pubs, whats really good in ireland is the weddings though, at all my sisters and brothers weddings when the band stopped playing at about 2.30am a session usually starts and the singing can go onto nearly 7am in the case of my brothers wedding, it was a crazy night. we still go out now every weekend and have great fun life is too short you have got to enjoy every second of it, anyway just thought id share this with you, hope your having a good week and getting some nice weather its not very good here thats the really bad thing about ireland the weather!! kisses from dublin xxx leonie

    1. Wow, that's really something! Thank you for your comment! :) I wish I could experience real irish pub culture, in Ireland, it would be a dream come true, and I believe that some day it will happen .. :) hope you'll get sunny days in Ireland, have a great day!! :) x


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