Friday, May 11, 2012

Minä olen.

i am  sara
i think i should stop buying too much sweets
i am happy when i dress up and go dancing
i have dreams
i miss someone i haven't seen for a while
i fear that i won't get the studying place i want
i feel hungry
i smell old furniture
i usually smile a lot
i search for the perfect dress
 i wonder if i ever find the right one who will respect me
i regret too many things but past is past
i love vintage and antiques, chocolate, a good friend
i care about you
i tell my mom almost everything
i worry about things too much
i am not the most easiest person in a relationship
i remember the bad memories everyday
 i believe that someday i can go to a restaurant and eat what ever i see on the menu
i sing when i'm drunk
 i don’t always have enough courage to tell how i really feel
i don’t like him who made my last months miserable
i write stories sometimes

i win when i am lucky
i lose my clothings sometimes
i dance in "a devil's dance floor" with my sister
i wish i will have my own family some day
i never wear leggins or boring clothes

i listen to my big sister too much
i don't understand people who look like carrots
i can usually be found in old dog irish pub sipping carolans and playing cards
i need to learn how to deal with bad news
i forget how to use machines in school


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I linked your blog in my latest post, because a.)I love your blog, and b.)I stole this interesting little survey and filled it out about myself. :) Your answers were so thought-provoking, I couldn't resist!
    I hope you don't mind.


    1. Sure! I found it actually myself somewhere one day but couldn't remember where:)


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