Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old key pendant, fimo mass version ! School works

Koulussa tuli tehtyä fimomassasta mallinne valumuottia varten,
ja innostuin aineesta kovasti! Sillä saa tehtyä vaikka mitä! Itse muotoilin tämän avaimen. 
En niinkään välitä siitä hiekkavalusta ja lopullisesta pronssi(tms)versiosta, tykkään paljon tästä 
fimomassaversiosta! Pakkohan sekin oli hyödyntää ja tehdä siitä riipus.

Ajattelin joskus tehdä vielä muutakin fimomassasta.

(Translation: We made fimo mass models for the sand casting project at school,
and I got so excited! You can create almost anything out of it! I created this key. I don't really care 
much about sand casting and the final version made out of bronze or other
material, I like this fimomass version so much! So, I decided to use it as a necklace.

I will definitely do something else out of fimo mass later.)


  1. I used to play with that stuff as a kid! I have never seen such a stunning creation from Fimo though - mine were normally stacks and blobs of colour.

  2. Wow! So beautiful! I think you discovered a Pandora's Box with this, the key is really beautiful and you can create whatever your imagination projects. Wonderful!

  3. That's fantastic, what a pretty idea! x

  4. Woow I could really say " Thats THE KEY " ... brilliant idea..

  5. I love key necklaces! Great job making this one!

    Emma x

  6. Oh the pendant is lovely, so unique! Adorable blog dear xo


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