Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sailor gal - at heart. ♥

Olen pikkutytöstä asti halunnut joskus purjehtia ja saada huoneen,
joka muistuttaa vanhan purjelaivan hyttiä. Tähän asti olen ollut vain soutuveneessä ja pari
kertaa risteilyllä - unohtumattomia kokemuksia voin sanoa. Voi kun voisin joskus päästä
ihastelemaan oikeaa purjelaivaa lähempää kuin satamasta. Siihen asti
pitäydyn fiilistelemään meren ihanuutta sailorette mekossani - katsomalla samalla
Titanicista kertovaa leffaa "A Night to Remember" vuodelta 1958. Suosittelen kaikille.

(Translation: Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to sail away and have a room, which
looks like an old ship's cabin filled with nautical decorations. I have only reached a rowboat
and two cruises - which were unforgettable experiences. I wish I could someday admire
some big old sailing ship from the deck, other than from the harbour. Until that I will
chill out wearing my sailorette dress - and watching Titanic film "A Night to Remember" from
1958. I highly recommend.)

 Blue dotty dress - thrifted, handmade
Sailor collar - thrifted, ripped of from little girl's dess
Red headband - Glitter
Petticoat - thrifted


Kokeilin Picasan uutta kuvankäsittelytyökalua, jossa sai kuvan 60-lukusävytteiseksi!
Pitihän sitä heti tietenkin kokeilla ja ihan kivalta näyttää.

(I tried Picasa's new pic editing tools, and there was a tool to make pics
look like from the 60's. Of course I wanted to try it out, and it looks quite nice.)

Have a NAUTICAL weekend, dearest readers!

Ps: Dear Bella of The Citizen Rosebud
you are awesome :)

Movie scene pics are printscreen shots
from "A Night to Remember", from 1958. Taken by me.


  1. This is a beautiful dress Sara !! you look so cute... and if you love my hair is easy to get it as it is a wig... so get yourself one.. if fun !!! :D

    1. What, wow, who would have thought!! :D Thanks!

  2. You wear classic cuts like nobody's business. I love this look- I know I say that alot to you- this look is retro, is wonderful and age appropriate. Best of all you look like you are having fun! xo. Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  3. such a stunning dress hun, you look sooo pretty. loving the 60's style photos too!!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! That sailor dress is so so cute; I simply adore nautical fashions. Oh, I'll and I'll have to watch "A Night To Remember"!

    1. Thanks, I recommend! I am watching it via youtube : )

  5. Aww I love your dress! I get seasick very easily, but I love the charm and whimsy of nautical stories :)

    Mabel Time

  6. Your dress is so cute! ;) titanic is the best romantic movie ever (at least in my opinion)! It's such a sweet movie and makes you wish that a ship like that sailed the seas. I wish some of the older ships were still used. They have so many amazing stories to hear. Have a good weekend!

  7. Fabulous dress kissed by red.
    I couldn´t agree more about Bella.
    have a grand weekend, gorgeous Sara.

  8. Gorgeous photos!! I love the 60s application to them. I'm going to try and see that movie you suggested.

  9. Nice dress!

  10. Lovely dress! Althought the whole cruise/sailor thing is a little more sinister in light of the recent Italian cruise disaster!!

  11. I too dream of sailing away - so long as it is on a cruise of the 1930s or 1950s! Adorable sailor dress. And yes: Bella is indeed awesome isn't she!


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