Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OUTFIT Inspired by ... the movie "Kun isä tahtoo" from 1935

Kuten aiemmassa postauksessa kerroin, inspiroiduin kovasti Valentin Vaalan
ohjaamasta elokuvasta Kun isä tahtoo. Elokuvan pukujen naisellisuus ja ihanat turkikset
inspiroivat kovasti tähän asuun, vaikka itse 30-lukulaisuus siinä ei niin kovin selkeästi näykään.
Inspiroituminen vanhasta elokuvasta on aina parasta!

(Like I told you in my previous post, I got lots of inspiration from the movie Kun isä tahtoo,
directed by Valentin Vaala. The costumes which were so feminine and those fur coats so beautiful
inspired me to this outfit today. Even though this doesn't really mirror the 30's fashion very much.
Getting inspired by the movies is the best!)

Päivät täällä Itä-Suomessa ovat olleet jäätävän kylmiä ja lämpötila laskee aina
-30 asteeseen saakka. Ulkona on kyllä hyvin kaunista, kun puut ovat valkeina ja järven pinta höyryää,
mutta se tunne, kun koko naama on tunnoton ja pakkanen kipristelee, ei ole kovin mukava.
Tänään kuitenkin oli pakko saada pitkästä aikaa farkkujen sijaan hame ylle. Kolmet sukkahousut ja pitkä
villahame suojasivat kylmyydeltä vain hieman, mutta pärjäsin kyllä.

(The days here in Eastern Finland have been freeeezing and the temperature has been -30
degrees almost all the time. Even though it is beautiful to see those white frozen trees and
mist above the lake, it is not very nice to notice that you can't even feel your face due to frost.
Still today I wanted to wear a skirt instead of jeans. Three pairs of tights and long
wool skirt protected me only a little from the cold, but I got along fine.)

Everything else is thrifted, except the hat and the shoes!

Have a great end of the week, lovelies!


  1. Ooh, FANTASTIC! You look like you stepped out of that film!

  2. You look so pretty! I love the outfit :)

  3. You look lovely.
    Here in Poland it is only -15 degrees. Now, reading your post, I can say we have warm winter :)

  4. a true classic outfits but yet very elegant and beautiful... people from yesteryears really has great styles too and are very dramatic and grandiose when it come to fashion..... love this post!!! following you now... hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!

  5. So wonderfully lady-like! I love that your photos look genuinely vintage. ;)

  6. Oh wow! You look amazing - that crochet colour is incredible.

  7. You were born for that era of clothing, Sara. I love this winter outfit post. You look so elegant and lovely. The collar is brilliant- I need to pull mine out and wear it more. Also the skirt is an unsung hero- it looks so classic and pretty on you. I do love the movies and get inspired by their fashions all the time. Have a lovely day!

  8. Alwaya lovely, dear sara

  9. Thank you, lovelies!! :) your comments make my day a lot better!<3 xx -Sara

  10. This is an incredibly beautiful outfit. You managed to capture the feeling of the film beautifully. You're so brave for wearing that outfit in such cold temperatures. Really inspirational.

  11. You look like you have stepped straight from the set of a movie yourself! Temperatures of -30?! OK, I'm going to stop complaining about our weather right now!


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