Sunday, December 4, 2011

Warm thoughts, sure.

Helvetti maan päällä. Ainakin minun ajatuksissani ja tunteissani.

Olen yrittänyt koota itseäni, keksiä jotain tekemistä. Pari päivää
pelannut vain pasianssia ja kuunnellut biisejä, jotka joko itkettävät tai suututtavat.
Blogin pariin palaaminen auttaa toivottavasti. Pitää yrittää omistaa aikaa enemmän tälle.
Muutto kuitenkin huomenna, sekin saa ajatukset pois tästä tilanteestani.
Kunpa vaan ois keksitty sellainen nappi, jota painamalla asiat olisivat kuin ennen,

(Translation: Hell on Earth. At least in my thoughts and feelings.

I have tried to summon up my thoughts, and figure out what to do. These past couple days
I have played solitaire and listened songs that make me either cry or angry.
I hope that writing my blog again makes me feel okay. I just need to devote myself
to this. I am moving tomorrow, I hope I will get some other things to think about than
this horrible situation. I wish someone would invent a button - when you push it,
everything would be like before.)

 Fur hat - thrifted
Wool coat - H&M
White Blouse - sis's old
Red scarf - thrifted
Red skirt - made by me!
Shoes - Sokos

Asupostauksella mennään kuitenkin. Olen ollut joulutunnelmissa, koska Joensuussa
satoi lunta paljon. Täällä kotona Nurmeksessa sitä ei vielä ole paljoa, ehkä ihan hyvä.
Talvisiin tunnelmiin pääsen parhaiten pukemalla ylleni turkishatun ja hartioilleni villakangastakin.
Punainen on tietysti joulun väri, joten ripaus sitäkin.

Olkaa onnellisia ja mukavaa sunnuntaita kaikille.

(Here you are, an outfitpost for a long time. I have been in a christmas mood a while now,
because it was snowing a lot in Joensuu. At home in Nurmes there isn't much snow on the
ground, maybe it's just good. I raise my winter mood when I put on that fur hat and
wool coat on my shoulders. Red is of course the colour of christmas, therefore pinch of that.

Be happy and have a great sunday.)


Favourite song at the moment (I like his dancemoves!)

"Elämä on muutakin kuin
katuajot heinäkuussa.
Kesäloma siihen käytetään.
Pakokaasun syleilyssä
varikolla ihmisuhteen
uusintoja kyllä näytetään.

Oi, sä tahtoisit pois,
niin sä tahtoisit pois,
Oi, sä tahtoisit pois,
niin sä tahtoisit pois.


  1. This is the prettiest outfit I've seen on you. Lovely !

    See U !

  2. You look absolutely beautiful, my dear Sara! You really suit hats and that elegant red skirt makes you look like a film star. x

  3. My heart goes out to you Sara, I very much admire your honesty and openness with your readers. I hope that you can find the strength to get through this difficult time. I can't imagine how you feel but I know you are a great person and have so much to give and so much talent. We will support you here as long as you need us to.

    PS Your outfit is beautiful, I love the red and that is my favourite kind of winter hat!

    Emma x

  4. Thank you lovelies! :)
    Emma: Thank you, your comment made me happy. Lots of love!


  5. Oh, yes! The color red is a good mood lifter. You are precious in this outfit, my good wishes to you during this difficult time.

  6. Lovely!! Such a cute and cozy looking outfit! That fur hat is just perfect.
    I'm so sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch; ditto to Emma. I hope things get brighter for you very soon :)

  7. Sara you are beautiful inside and out. I do hope you find something that helps you work through the situation so that you can feel at ease with things.

    I know it doesn't mean much but I'm send my love from New Zealand straight to you!

  8. Rosy: It surely is! And thank you :)

    Dakota: Thank you for your kind words, I do hope the same .. :)

    Kerry: Oh it does mean much to me, your words gives me courage to manage. Talking or writing to people helps me a lot :) Thank you!


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Yours sincerely,
Sara Kristiina

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